September 4, 2023

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  • This morning started fairly early with Reagan and I leaving on this Labor day to head to Ouachita for our first college visit. 
  • Reagan has said that she didn't want to go to OBU, but we still felt it was worth the look. We were both pretty impressed. I told Robby that some parts were impressive enough that I could have been convinced to re-enroll for another degree. 
  • We met together first and then divided up into possible majors. There was a major something like Community and Family Services so that is where we ended up going. This major is under the Christian ministries umbrella so we weren't expecting that really. However, when the guy explained this major, he kept using the words "help people" which is exactly what Reagan wants to do. She doesn't know much more than that, but she knows she wants to help people.
  • During the day, we had lunch and a campus tour. When it was over, we even asked to go and see a Freshman dorm room. I think that Reagan enjoyed it, but since this is our first college tour we don't have anything to compare it to. That will all change this Friday and next Friday since we are going to a few more places.
  • While we were gone, the kids did a lot of candy trading since our Disney candy is now sorted. Everyone ended up with 3 large ziplock bags full of candy. It is ridiculous, and as Nonna said thank goodness we have good dental insurance.
  • Anderson had a lot of homework to do today, but he even joined everyone else in pickleball. The kids played for hours today despite the heat. I even got in a game when we made it home around 4 this afternoon. 
  • Anderson went to swim at a friend's house so he wasn't here when the rest of us loaded up and went to the Hobbs house for supper. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs and then hung out there for a good while. Whitman played so hard that he had to have a shower when we came home tonight.

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