September 7, 2023

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  • I think that today is Thursday-all I know is that this week has been busy, and I don't exactly know when things will slow down. They have to eventually right? 
  • Anderson went to school first and Graham and Reagan went to school after him. The rest of us started our reading this morning. I am trying to just read our library books on Thursdays, but I did sneak in the history book this morning since I know that is one that we will struggle to finish.
  • Our school morning moved steadily along. It was soon lunchtime, and the big boys were home. Anderson had his first math test and made 90. He wasn't too pleased, but I thought that was wonderful-it is a college class after all. Reagan and he both have history tests coming up, and she is already starting to stress about that.
  • There are still quite a few daily pickleball games happening. Keaton said that Whitman is getting so much better-a sport that he might enjoy? That would be wild! 
  • I helped the boys with some science this afternoon, and then I took Campbell and Keaton shopping. First stop was Walmart for some undergarments for Keaton. While she was trying them on, Campbell left us and returned with a dress on sale for 5 dollars. It fit, so you certainly can't pass up a 5 dollar dress.
  • Then we went to Academy to look for Campbell a shirt to practice soccer in-yes, that was the main reason for the trip. She eventually found one that was even a bit cheaper than the sticker price. She had to text Reagan to make sure that she picked out the best color. I tried to tell her to get the one that she wanted, but she wanted Reagan's opinion.
  • Before we made it home, Anderson left for Raymar for football practice. Then Reagan and Campbell left for soccer practice. This was their first one to go to, and Campbell was a little bit nervous. When they came home, they said that practice went well, and I think that they both had a good time.
  • Reagan is house sitting this weekend, and I ended up coming with her tonight because we have to leave at an ungodly time in the morning. This way I will know that she is awake and not have to worry about that.

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