January 31, 2024

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  • This morning we didn't read very long because I wanted for Whitman to have plenty of time to finish his school work this morning. He zoomed through everything but math which we had already decided to save until Friday. 
  • Keaton had finished all of her work last night, and she even had me check her math and some other things before we went to bed. Campbell had review math so that helped her out as well. Both big boys had some things to do with me, so I wasn't too bored since everyone else finished earlier than usual.
  • Whitman headed to Dave and Busters with Nonna and Pops this afternoon. This was part of his Christmas present, and he was pretty excited about going. When it was all over, he didn't spend any of his points-he decided that he wanted to save them and go back for his birthday. 
  • This afternoon I read for about 10 minutes and then fell right on to sleep. I snoozed long enough that Bentley probably thought she was going to get a walk this afternoon. I did, however, walk her for a little bit before getting ready for church.
  • Reagan left early with Campbell and Keaton. Then I went to church with everyone else. I ended up just chatting most of the evening long which was kind of fun! A few kids went to ChickFilA to eat with their friends tonight, but I drove Reagan and Graham by there too tonight so they could pick up their free sandwiches. 
  • Robby made Whitman a grilled cheese, and I heated up some food so now everyone had eaten, and now we start getting ready for tomorrow.

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