April 10, 2024

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  • Another school day and we are quickly ticking by on the number of school days left. I love school, but I also love the summer break (at first at least). 
  • We did all of our school work, and before I knew it everyone was finished. I was the only one left in my bedroom so I did my exercise video and then sat down and ate my lunch while reading. I'm not too sure why everyone finished their work early today, but it was a good for me.
  • Graham and Reagan left for work at noon just as Robby returned with some drinks for some folks. I didn't do much this afternoon-I tried to be productive, but I ended up doing more reading than anything else.
  • Before too long, it was time for Reagan, Campbell, and Keaton to go to church. I had to trim the back of Graham's hair before we left-he wanted me to trim it even though I assured him that we would get a hair cut this weekend.
  • I then headed to church with the boys after our stop to the library. When church was over, the boys were outside playing basketball for a long while. We finally found them, and Anderson and Campbell headed to ChickFilA while we headed home. 
  • Robby had run some errands while we were gone, and he even had supper for us. We pretty much devoured everything that he had ready for us. Then Keaton went to work on her evening dessert while Robby and I are holding out for ice cream tonight!

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