April 4, 2024

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  • I was running a bit behind this morning, but we were still able to read most of our things. I did finish one more book so that is just leaving us the 20 or so library books that I just checked out and about 5 others books to read each morning. History is getting closer, but not close enough that I have started counting down the chapters. Today we read about the Korean war so surely there isn't that much history left-really, it is probably 18 more days of it. I probably should know for sure, because every night I peek ahead to see just how many pages of history I will read the next morning. I have to prepare myself mentally. (Next year, we go back to the first history book and those chapters are just 1 or maybe 2 pages instead of the 8-12 I read every day now.)
  • The boys woke up fairly late, but everyone managed to get all of their things in today. The big event was Reagan had to do a speech-she has been doing them in the bonus room and filming them. However, today's speech was making something so she had to have the kitchen. This cause the whole house to shut down-we were all silently sneaking around for the hour that she practiced and then during the speech.
  • And speaking of sneaking around-the neighbor lady probably wishes that her office was on a different side of their house-especially since the trampoline has now been moved. Not just does she see the trampoline, she also sees and hears our kids for at least 2 hours every day. And usually, it is not just one child out there (though today I walked through the kitchen and Campbell appeared to be napping on the trampoline) but it is most of them. And I do love my children but they are not quiet at all!
  • Anderson went to work fairly early so he could paint the fields and then be there for practice. Campbell, Robby,  and I went to eat tonight and then met Anderson at Kroger to get gas. We also found some eclipse snacks for Monday. We are going to party hard around here!

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