April 20, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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We all woke up around 6 this morning, and most of the kids were awake when I went to check. I was kind of quiet in the boys' room because the plan was for Whitman to sleep as long as he could this morning. He had set his alarm to wake up before Nonna came to take him to Keaton's soccer game later in the morning.

Soon, Campbell, Keaton, and Anderson left for soccer. The weather was pretty overcast, so we knew that they might not play the whole day, but they arrived and went to work getting things ready. Reagan, Graham, Robby, and I left about 10 minutes later.

Our first stop was at Raymar so I could help them get the coffee and hot chocolate ready. Graham also jumped out of our car and joined the other. Then Robby and I joined the others to head to Ouachita for early registration for Reagan.

Campbell, Keaton, and Graham worked the concessions stand during the first game. Then they played quickly through the second game with Graham, Keaton, and Campbell reffing a game. Apparently, one grown up man didn't like some of Campbell's calls along with the calls from the other teenage girl ref and let them know it. Two take aways from that: nothing tells more about a man's character than how he acts on a field or court...and nothing makes a dad madder than someone being ugly to his daughter. 

By the end of the second game at Raymar it was starting to rain, so they cancelled all of the games. The kids quickly helped pick up and headed home. Nonna had asked about picking up Whitman still, but I told her to not worry about it.

I had actually been texting Whitman while we were in Arkadelphia. He wasn't answering my texts, so Robby checked the cameras and could tell that he must still be asleep. Whitman had set his alarm wrong and was a bit panicked when he did wake up thinking he had missed Nonna. Eventually, he saw my texts explaining soccer being cancelled.

A bit later, he text me to say that he was going to take Bentley to potty. I told him that if she wasn't whining then it was fine. However, seconds later he text me a few pictures of where she had been sick. Poor thing-her tummy must have been so upset! I tried to text him through cleaning things up, but I knew the others were almost home. 

They soon arrived, and bless those children's hearts-they went right to work. Anderson and Campbell worked forever on the carpet, Keaton lit candles and help Campbell give Bentley a bath. They all took turns taking her out to make sure that she was done. It was a mess, but they had it all cleaned when I came home.

Reagan, Robby, and I started out in a large group, and then the kids went off to make their schedules. I think that she really enjoyed the day and is getting super excited about the upcoming school year. She made her schedule, and it looks like it is a really good schedule. 

Then right as it was over for us, we were able to meet Reagan's roommate. She seemed super nice, and I think that they are really going to work out well with each other. They took pictures of a few dorm rooms and made some plans. 

We ate in the cafeteria, and then headed home. At home, I made sure everything was clean from Bentley's incident. Then we ran to Sams for me to pick up some desserts for tonight. It was chilly outside so I was not in a huge hurry to come back to the campsite. 

Supper tonight was tacos so of course it was pretty delicious. Right now I am stuffed, but that is probably form all of the desserts that I have eaten today! It was cold tonight, and I really should invest in some super warm clothes to take camping!

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