April 2, 2024-Happy 11th Birthday Whitman!

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  • Since today was a birthday, I rolled out of bed early enough to make chocolate chip muffins. They were ready about during the middle of our morning reading. I had to shorten our reading today since Keaton was leaving early to run some errands with Robby. (This is the third day in a row we haven't been able to do all of our morning reading-when we finish that history book is when we can think about taking a summer break so I definitely have motivation.)
  • Whitman zoomed through his school and then sat and read for 40 minutes. While he did that, I helped the boys with some of their school, and I started pulling out some school work for everyone to do his summer. 
  • It wasn't too long before Robby took the birthday boy and Campbell and Keaton to see a movie. Robby said that Whitman ate a huge amount of popcorn-he does love him some popcorn. 
  • When the came home, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to bring Whitman his presents. While they were there, Grandpa helped Robby hang a swing in the yard-Grandpa gave instructions, Robby climbed the ladder, and Anderson held the ladder.
  • Just about when the swing was finished, Nonna and Pops came over to bring their presents for Whitman. Since all of the grandparents were there, we pulled out Whitman's birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday before eating cake.
  • Soon afterwards, it was time for soccer practice. Campbell went along just for fun, Anderson worked an hour, and I went along as well because I thought that weather was going to nice. Today I walked Bentley and even brought her home early because I thought that she was going to get hot-she was panting and her tongue was hanging out.
  • However, just a few hours later at soccer, we were absolutely freezing. I sat in the concession stand most of the time so I could stay warm-Raymar is the windiest place in the city for sure. We came home and heated up warm food to eat for supper. Robby and I had a can of soup!
  • Now most of the kids are trying a Cadbury egg for the first time, and then we will probably watch some tv.

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