April 27, 2024

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  • Soccer mornings start early around here. I made sure that Keaton and Anderson were awake by 6:30, and we were on the road to Raymar by 6:50. While Anderson and the others worked setting everything up, I sat in the car and read my book. 
  • I eventually did get out of the car and helped get the concession stand stuff out. Soon Robby, Graham, and Reagan arrived. Reagan went back to sleep after Robby made sure that she was awake, but Robby was impressed with how quickly she did get ready and made it to the car.
  • The kids all reffed and did concessions today. Anderson clocked over 8 hours of work with everyone else working a minimum of 3 hours doing things-well, except for Campbell.
  • She spent the night with a friend. Then they met up with all their other people to go to North Little Rock for Heart Walk with the American Heart Association. After their walk, they even ended up at Urban Air and Larry for a late lunch. She had a blast-much more fun that she would have had reffing soccer.
  • Keaton is our only soccer player-and her poor team only had one sub today. They were exhausted, but thankfully the score was 3-1 in their favor. I chatted during most of the game while Whitman played with a baby in a stroller. Reagan reffed, and Anderson and Graham sat in the front row of the crowd giving instructions to Keaton. 
  • There was a rain daily early in the day which was quite interesting. Because of the lightening, all of crowd had to move to the pavilion or their cars-it got a little bit crazy, but it was still a lot of fun.
  • Now we are all back home, plus Keaton has a friend to spend the night as well. Robby and I ran to Costco to pick up a pizza, but we weren't watching the time so it was closed, but we did manage to get gas, groceries, and finally pizza from our plan b.
  • We have now eaten-though we did have to wake up Reagan and Graham to eat. Robby and I are sitting in the couch vegging out on tv.

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