April 15, 2024

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  • Our school day was pretty much like most today, except we had people come and give our air conditioners a tune up. I didn't think that this would take long, so three hours later when men were still outside the window or walking around the house, it became a bit odd.
  • If they actually did any good giving those air conditioners a tune up, then they should last for a few more years-though now I just jinxed us for sure. I eventually had to fuss at Whitman as he played farting noises on his ipad while the worker man was on the other side of a door.
  • School was finished on time around here, and then I did a little bit of work on my computer. Not real work, but at least I was trying to be productive. I eventually started to take a walk, but then I was afraid that the worker men would need to talk to Robby and since he was on the phone, I stayed around the house for a few more minutes-poor Bentley was so confused. 
  • Reagan and Graham went work this afternoon, and then they ended up at Raymar to take team pictures. That was good for them since they earned a few extra hours. While they were gone, we took Anderson to get his hair cut.
  • Then we went to eat-Robby and I split chicken fried chicken along with baked potatoes, but the rolls! If I could just make Texas Roadhouse Rolls we would never have go out again-actually, I think that there would no reason to leave the house ever again.
  • Everyone is back home now, and quite a few of us are on the couch watching a tv show. Campbell and Whitman are having their ice cream, but I am still pretty full from supper.

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