April 6, 2024

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  • This morning was the first soccer day, and goodness it started early. Since bringing 3 cars there would have been silly, I rode with Anderson, Campbell, and Keaton this morning. Anderson had to be there at 7:15 to start work, and his sisters just like to come for fun. 
  • I hung out in the car until almost 8 and then went to start setting up the concession stand. The girls helped, but gracious that coffee pouring and hot chocolate making is tough. At 9, the rest of our crew arrived, and things became a little bit busy. 
  • Campbell and Reagan worked an hour in the concession stand while Keaton worked two. Whitman also did his time in the concession stand (he doesn't get camp money, but he gets candy) Graham reffed 4 games, Reagan and Anderson both did 3, and Keaton and Campbell both reffed 2 plus Keaton played a game. Her game ended in a tie-she did score one goal, and even though her team is pretty good, this game was tough, and I'm afraid that the other games will be as well. 
  • I will never get tired of watching the kids all grow up-it is so fun to see them doing their things. And I certainly enjoyed getting my picture of all of them wearing their ref shirts today. I have learned that if I want a picture, I get it immediately and don't wait until another day.
  • This year there is one more soccer game each week, so it was after 3 when we made it home and after 4 when Anderson finally made it home. That makes for a much longer day for sure.
  • Back at home, we started to notice just how red all of the kids were-my face is probably burned as well. Anderson came down wearing a red shirt after his shower, and I told him that he looked like a tomato. The weather was so nice today that I didn't really think about sunscreen-I had it with us, but never thought to use it
  • Robby and I made muffins for Reagan's Sunday school snack tomorrow, and then we went to the Wilson's house for a little bit to watch some of the basketball game. We ate and visited for a while, but did come home to watch the last half of the second game. 
  • We leave for church early in the morning so I really better go to sleep early tonight-so maybe no reading for me! 

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