April 9, 2024

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  • It was back to school today after our light day yesterday watching the eclipse. Things went pretty well and no tears were shed. Whitman never likes working with me in the afternoons for spelling, but I think that he is just teasing. 
  • Even though it was fairly wet today, the kids still spend some time on the trampoline. I kept Whitman busy this afternoon-not only did we do spelling, I had him wash and fold the towels, and then he helped me make some muffins. We had just started when Keaton walked down the stairs to make her muffin recipe. I tried to get her to make hers as well since I was giving some away, but she decided to wait until another day.
  • Keaton was disappointed that soccer practice was cancelled, but it was still a fairly busy evening around here. I went to supper at a friend's house, and we stayed out entirely too late but had lots of fun. Reagan had her work this evening, and Robby left to eat supper himself and pick up some supper. 
  • The girls spent the evening doing their school for tomorrow. They like to try to get ahead the best that they can every night. 

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