April 29, 2024

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  • Today is Monday, right? It already feels like we have done some of the week. Everyone stirred easily this morning, and we went right to work on school. We all had free spicy chicken biscuits from ChickFilA today so Robby ran to pick all of those up. (And because we all did mobile orders on this Monday, we all get free shakes next week-we are working the system and living the life.)
  • Robby and Campbell ran some errands this afternoon, and I took Bentley on a walk as soon as Whitman was mostly finished with his school. Bentley walks happily for about a mile, and then she starts lagging behind me. By the end of the walk, I'm doing some pulling, and she is definitely slowing me down-which isn't saying much because I am pretty slow.
  • Reagan and Graham went to work today, and the afternoon here was pretty quiet and quick. Whitman and I did spelling, and I read some, but before too long it was 4:10, and we all headed to Raymar. (Graham and Reagan came after work.)
  • Tonight Keaton and Campbell both reffed two games while Anderson and Reagan reffed one game. We had Graham and Whitman in the concession stand with us. Whitman did eventually end up on the playground which is where he needs to be.
  • We all didn't get home until 8, so we pulled out all of the leftovers. Unless they do some serious damage to our leftovers during breakfast and lunch tomorrow, then we will do the same thing tomorrow night. 
  • Now, Robby is working, and it is just me in the living room-I am about to finish the blog and then I'll read some more of my book.

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