April 23, 2024

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  • This morning when I came into the living room, Whitman was on the couch as he often is. However, this morning he was sound asleep. He is never asleep on the couch so I wasn't sure exactly what had happened I looked to see that he was wearing all the same clothes as last night so that was a good thing. It took me a long time to wake him up, but really it still took longer to wake up Anderson.
  • We did our morning reading, and then Keaton moved on to do her work. She has started doing her school work on the patio. Whitman has moved to the floor of the school room while Graham is really the only other one working mostly in the school room. Anderson does some work in there, but he often does quite a bit in the living room now. Campbell makes her spot on the couch usually with Bentley.
  • I'm not really sure when I headed out with Bentley for our walk, but I think that it was earlier than usual. Then I came home and read some before doing spelling with Whitman-this continues to be his favorite time of the day (not at all), and it is also my most frustrating time of the day. Some days he can spell a word right and then the next day he can not!
  • Reagan left first for her work. Then a bit later, I left with Anderson, Graham, Campbell, and Keaton. Anderson needed shoes so we bought him some, and Campbell helped find me a pair for mother's day. 
  • Graham had to be at Raymar first to help take pictures. The rest of us didn't need to be there until 6:30. Keaton had her make up game tonight which Anderson reffed and Campbell reffed the field next to ours. Keaton's game was good-they did win, and Keaton scored a great goal.
  • Robby picked up pizza on the way home, so we all ate and finished Reagan's graduation announcements. Now Keaton is watching Amazing Race with us before bedtime.

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