April 5, 2024

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  • Anderson, Graham, and I left fairly early this morning for a preview day at Ouachita. Graham wasn't too thrilled about coming since he felt like he would be the only sophomore there. (He wasn't.) Anderson isn't stressed about college like Reagan seemed to be, but he is a pretty low key guy and isn't concerned about much.
  • We decided that we would go to the school of business when it was time to divide by majors. Even if the college tour didn't help make up their minds about schools, maybe the talk from the business guy might have helped make up their mind about a major. 
  • The next part of the day we were split up so when the boys left I told them to save me a seat for lunch-they did, but we were at a table with all boys. The three other boys at the table had left their parents, but I sure did set myself down with all of that testosterone.
  • We ended the day with a walking tour of the campus. We even went into the girls' dorm where I took a few pictures for Reagan to help plan her dorm room. When it was all over, we headed home with a stop at Sonic for drinks on the way.
  • By this time, Reagan was already at work, but Robby met me with Keaton and Whitman at Urban Air. They were able to jump and do some of the fun things this afternoon. Then we picked up pizza and finally made it home. I was almost gone from the house for a full 12 hours so it was a fairly long day for me.
  • We all ate, and now a few kids are on the trampoline, Robby is working, and I'm alone on the couch. If someone doesn't come in the living room pretty soon, I will probably have myself a nap.

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