April 25, 2024

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  • For some reason I felt like I was running around like crazy today. This morning started off normally-though we did have to take a break during our morning reading to watch the hail. Campbell even ran on the patio and scooped some up for Keaton and Whitman.
  • The hail bouncing off the window did wake up Graham, but not really Anderson. Whitman did convince me to let him take breaks again during his school work-so for every two things that he finishes, he earns 5 minutes on his ipad for a break. He banks this time though and waits and takes his break when he has earned a 20 minutes break.
  • And speaking of Whitman, last night on the way home from church, Graham thought that he was falling asleep. When he walked in the house, Robby immediately asked him if he was sick. Later in the evening, I touched all over him and he did fell hot-but he was covered in a blanket too so I wasn't too sure. He was adamant though that he did not want any medicine, so I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to find when I woke him up. Thankfully, he is just stuffy and not feverish or feeling bad.
  • At noon, Graham and I left to go and take his math accuplacer test. This was his second try-this test allows him to take college algebra next year even though his act test score isn't that high. When he walked out of the door today, I could tell that he didn't pass-but when I saw his score, I knew that he did. He just needed a 249, but thought it was a 251 that he needed like he needed on the other test. He cut it close by earning a 249, but it works! 
  • On the way home, we picked up a Sonic drink for him, and then I picked up pictures for Reagan's graduation table at the church dinner. After I came home from this outing is when I got busy.
  • I was able to sign the big boys up for their concurrent classes in the fall-I had to sign them both up twice since they are each taking one through comm central and one not through comm central. Then I finished my concession stand schedule for the week even though it looks like it is going to rain. And finally, I had to have Reagan and Graham read something for a curriculum.
  • Anderson left for Raymar to paint the fields and run his practice night while Campbell, Keaton, and I played a game. It was supposed to be a game that took an hour or so, but I guess we were really just fast because it didn't take that long at all.
  • Tonight Robby cleaned out the fridge and freezer since it was starting to leak on the floor. We can tell you what kind of fridge not to buy if you are in the market. But this will help it foe a few weeks, but meanwhile it made the fridge look incredibly nice and empty (which we will hear a lot about it being empty since all of the kids will say "wow, we don't have anything to eat.")
  • I'm not cuddled up on the couch trying to decide if I want hot chocolate or if I want to get up at all!

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