April 24, 2024

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  • Bentley was not very settled last night-at all. I took her out at 1 and then 2, and I didn't really get to sleep then until a bit later. She roamed around our room and the house most of the night until Robby took her out again two more times before our alarms went off. I do feel a bit sorry for her since her tummy isn't quite right, but I could do with one less dog.
  • The kids were fairly easy to wake up especially since I gave them a few more minutes to sleep in. We did our morning reading, and Graham went ahead and woke up. Anderson was not too far behind him, so everyone was up and working (except for Reagan).
  • Graham and Reagan left for work early, and I took Bentley for a short walk. For some reason I was just tired today so we didn't go very far at all, but she was still ready to come home.
  • This afternoon Whitman and I worked together, and then I sat down and read for a little bit. I actually had two more things on my list today, but I just couldn't motivate myself to accomplish anything else.
  • When Reagan came home from church, she was there for a bit before leaving again to lead her dgroup. Campbell and Keaton went with her, so it was just the boys and me on the way to church. Afterwards, some folks went to ChickFilA while the rest of us came home. 
  • I made myself some rice to eat since I was starving for something warm to eat. Now Robby and I are watching a cooking show.

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