April 28, 2024

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  • Robby was already showered and folding the laundry when I climbed out of bed. I started waking up the kids-at least the first go around. Soon we were all ready and headed to church.
  • Since Keaton's friend was with us, it made me feel like people were watching us drive up and park. I told Robby that people were probably saying "look, the children's home is here this Sunday." I do love my van full of kids though.
  • We did the church thing-Keaton and Whitman are the only ones who sit near us now, but all the others are pretty close. After church we headed to Nonna and Pops' house-they had pork tenderloin which is the kids favorite.
  • Keaton's friend left this afternoon, and soon after that Robby and I left with Campbell and Keaton. First we dropped Keaton off at her life group, and then we had a few minutes to kill so Robby and I both ordered our free sandwiches from Arbys and ran into Walmart. 
  • Next we dropped off Campbell at her life group and then drove around a neighborhood to kill time before we picked up Keaton. Then we came home for a little bit before I left again to pick Campbell up at 8. 
  • It's been a pretty relaxing day around here-and only 4 days of school left for my crew plus 5 days of soccer over the next 7 days so it should be a fairly busy week!

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