April 11, 2024

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  • Wonderful, wonderful Thursday. People finished their school work at a decent time today-Whitman has started to do 2 and a half things, and then he will take a 5 minute break. Even with this, he still finished at a decent time. 
  • Whitman has also started doing all of his math sitting in the school room. Up until a few weeks ago, he would do his math sitting near me. When he did this, I could watch him work and check things as he went. Now, he brings me his math, and I have to check those two pages (like I do for everyone else.) He continues to do his math fairly oddly-writing as little as he can-only the answers even when I have to write out and work the problem to make sure that he is correct.
  • I took Graham to take the Accuplacer math test today. This allows him to take college algebra as a concurrent class in the fall. He was so nervous on the way there-I thought it was because of the test but instead it was because he was worried about getting his hair cut afterwards.
  • He was 3 points shy of the score that he needed. This made me super happy, but he was pretty discouraged. The test is only 10 dollars, and we can take it anytime we want so I am pretty sure that he will pass next time.
  • The next stop was Walmart where I ran in and bought an assortment of items. Then we went and waited for Graham's haircut. I'm not sure why he does get nervous, but he was fine, and his haircut was fine too. I like to get my money's worth when you pay for a haircut, but when you have long shaggy hair, you really don't get a lot cut each time.
  • We came home, and I did spelling with Whitman before taking Bentley on a walk. I had a bunch of small things to finish this afternoon so I rocked through them before sitting down to finish my book.
  • Reagan did not have work today, but Anderson had to paint the fields and run practice tonight so he was gone most of the evening. I heated up sandwiches for everyone because I could get no burger takers.
  • The Wilsons came over with cookies, and while we were visiting Campbell made brownies. Now Robby and I are watching the Masters reruns before we call it a night.

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