April 16, 2024

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  • This day has just been a little bit uncertain-the silly rain just made things a bit crazy around here. Graham was supposed to go to Raymar this afternoon to help again with pictures during practice. However, pictures were cancelled because of the threat of weather, but for most of the afternoon pictures were still going to happen.
  • Reagan was also going to work pictures, but first she had to go to her other job for an hour. Since by this time pictures were cancelled, she even stayed a little bit longer there. Reagan had plans to meet quite a few friends to play pickleball tonight, and she is there now, but the weather made those plans pretty uncertain-and they are probably pretty wet playing this evening. 
  • Anderson had to work practice tonight, so even though it was raining here, he headed to the field before it was officially cancelled. He did stay there until practice was supposed to start to tell people that it was cancelled, but once people drove up and saw an empty field, they realized it pretty quickly.
  • Keaton would have had her practice tonight, but since it was cancelled she was disappointed. Campbell was also going to go to practice tonight so her plans were changed as well. That was fine though because I used both of them to help with supper tonight-we just had chicken and beef tacos along with cheese dip and black beans for our supper. 
  • Everyone ate, and then Reagan left for her outing. The rest of us settled into our spots for the evening. I don't think that tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, but hopefully rain on Thursday or Saturday does not cancel any soccer.
  • Robby ran some errands today so I filled up the camper fridge, and I was able to do a little bit of summer school planning. Oooh, I also received a book in the mail that was exactly what I wanted and it was less than 10 dollars. I was thrilled with my bargain.
  • Now, I think I am going to eat myself some ice cream tonight or maybe some hot chocolate-it is still kind of hot chocolate weather maybe.

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