April 17, 2024

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  • This Wednesday seemed to fly by. I slept in a little this morning, but I was still able to rally the troops and start on school before 8:40 so I definitely call that a win. I think that we just have about 8 days of history left so that makes my heart super happy.
  • Everyone finished their work at a pretty decent time even Whitman who now does 2 and a half things from his list before taking a 5 minute break. Some how this works for him, and he manages to finish his school work before 12 or even before 11:30 on some days so I can really not say anything.
  • I spent a good deal of time reading this afternoon, plus I tried to do a few things to get ready for next year. I wish that I could be as motivated about house cleaning as I am about planning for school things. I received one book in the mail today, and it just made me so happy. I'm just a book lover and not a mop or duster lover, but maybe someday.
  • Soon Robby went to Maumelle Park with the camper and the dog. I'm heading out there tomorrow-it is always the case, but when you are busy, you are just super busy. This weekend we have a jillion and one things happening-even overlapping-so tomorrow, I have to make a schedule for everyone.
  • Reagan and Graham came home from work and were only home a bit before Reagan and the girls left again. They went to church early for Reagan's d-group, and my car came next. After church, Anderson and Campbell went to ChickFilA-while they were there, Keaton had Campbell buy her a kid's meal-and bless it if some girl didn't think the bag was trash and put her ice cream in it. Campbell was able to salvage the nuggets and a few fries, but poor Campbell was bothered by this and Keaton was disappointed. 

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