April 8, 2024

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  • For days I have neglected to mention the April fool's jokes that happened here. I quickly realized that it was April fools last week when I opened the fridge and first noticed that my dip was upside down. I figured that it had fallen and someone had just put it back incorrectly. 
  • It didn't take long for me to realize that instead, every single thing in the refrigerator had been turned upside down. Gallon of milk-upside down, every single condiment bottle-upside down. After fixing all of that, I was on guard for the rest of the day. So when Keaton and Whitman came grinning into my bedroom saying that there was water running out of the bathroom, my mind flew back to the exact image I had seen on the computer of bottles of water in shoes coming out of the bathroom.
  • I went to double check though, and sure enough that is exactly what they did. I snicked to myself when they went to tell Robby. However, water running out of a bathroom here wouldn't be extremely out of the ordinary, so when Keaton told Robby, she immediately saw his face fall.
  • Robby said that Keaton's reaction to his reaction alerted him that this might be a prank. However, he was certainly relieved to see that it was just an April fool's prank.
  • Now we will fast forward to today-this was eclipse day so school was kind of limited. I woke people up at 9, and we started on school. I read some eclipse books and a chapter of our history book; then the kids started on their limited school work.
  • Keaton went to a friend's house to watch the eclipse so she wasn't with us, but Anderson had a friend cover over. Robby ran some errands and come home to Whitman, Campbell, and I me sitting in the front yard. The boys all were playing some basketball-sometimes they would even play while wearing their eclipse glasses not being able to see a thing.
  • Reagan came out just in time to see it all. Everyone was pretty impressed with the totality. Once it was over, the kids all quickly migrated back inside while Robby and I just sat outside and enjoyed the cooler weather. It was so interesting to me how the temperature changed during all of it.
  • We had quite a few eclipse snacks to eat-Sunkise, starburst, milky way, star crunch, and cosmic brownies. The boys went to town on the Sonic burgers while the girls went to town on the snacks. 
  • I finished my book this afternoon, and then made some pasta for supper. Once we ate, I ran to pick up Keaton, and she had a good time at her friend's house all day long. 
  • Now the basketball game is on-the winner of our family bracket is between Reagan or Anderson. Reagan isn't watching the game, nor is Anderson. He is actually in the bonus room with Whitman watching Star Wars. This is their second night to go up there and watch a Star Wars movie. 
  • star wars

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