April 22, 2024

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  • My plan has been for this to be the next to last day of school, but when I looked at our leftover history today, I realized that I was just one lesson behind for that to happen. So what did I do today? I read both history lessons today-and calling them "history lessons" isn't really adequate-those things are history chapters, and I read two today. I was pretty pleased with myself.
  • We did school work this morning, and I tried to sneak in as many things off of my to do list as possible as well. Plus the some of the kids work is a bit different today since there are somethings that I am wanting them to finish so we are hitting those pretty hard, and both of the big boys are already starting something that I wanted them to do next year.
  • I think that everyone was finished with school by 11:30, and I had plans on taking Bentley on a walk then. Somehow it was much later than that when I finally left for our walk. After about a mile, Bentley decided that she was done, and I had to pull her a good bit to change her mind about the rest of the walk.
  • Reagan and Graham went to work at one, and Anderson left for work around 4:30 with Campbell and Keaton. All three of them had soccer games to ref tonight so that gave them something fun to do this evening.
  • Anderson picked up our supper on the way home-we all had free sandwiches from ChickFilA. Anderson made Campbell walk into the store to claim our 7 orders. We were all waiting for them to arrive home. Robby gave Whitman his sandwich, but since it was a spicy sandwich Whitman was not too big of a fan. He ate it, but he said that he didn't want one of those again. Actually, I don't think that I do either-that was still a little spicy for me as well.
  • We did get Reagan's senior pictures today so that was fun. It is getting real around here that we have a senior!

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