April 26, 2024

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  • Campbell is not home tonight, and she had to text to remind me to write the blog. I guess I had completely forgotten all about it! I was just having a big evening-took a nap, ate some ice cream, read some of my book-and since I didn't have my computer anywhere near me, I never thought about it once.
  • The day was busy-this is Friday so I should have felt like I had extra time, but instead I stayed busy all day. Most of that was my own doing since I did make cinnamon crunch bagels along with chocolate chip scones today. Campbell helped me make the scones, and both recipes were pretty delicious.
  • Robby and I went to Costco today-he bought a battery for the white van. For months it has been difficult to start, but we didn't think it was the battery. He thought it was a connection or something-I would have to use my weight to turn the key all the way. However, the new battery solved all of that so that will be super nice.
  • We also walked around the store some, and it was pretty busy. When we came home, I had time to walk Bentley before Campbell drove me to Nonna's house. We dropped off some scones and dropped off Pop's sock of the month-they were soccer socks this month.
  • Then Campbell went to spend the night at a friend's house. On the way home, I drove super slow so I could listen to my book. Next Robby and I went to eat supper at On the Border-we couldn't get any of the kids to go with us nor did anyone suggest any food for us to pick up. They made it find though-Reagan made dumplings, Keaton and Whitman made a pizza, Anderson had a hamburger, and Graham and also Reagan had some of our leftovers for supper.
  • We made it home right in the middle of the rain. Now we are going to bed wondering if we will have soccer tomorrow-Reagan and Graham are hoping no while Anderson and Keaton are hope yes. Campbell will be with her friends, so she doesn't care either way!

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