April 13, 2024

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  • When everyone went to bed last night, I told everyone to set their alarms. Anderson wasn't awake by 6:30 so I went to his room and unfortunately, was standing over him when he did wake up. Of course, he jumped when he saw me. I do think that helped wake him up though.
  • We were out the door before 6:50 this morning. Anderson was the only one working this morning so he certainly used Keaton and Campbell's help. Anderson and Campbell rode around in the gator setting things up while Keaton carried box after box. I sat in the car and read, but after watching Keaton carrying about 20 boxes, I got out of the car to see if I could help do anything.
  • By then, Anderson had most things done so I worked on setting up the concession stand. It was warmer today so we didn't sell as much coffee and hot chocolate which is the most difficult thing to do. 
  • Again it was a busy Saturday-I guess Anderson clocked over 9 hours today, Keaton and Graham both reffed 3 games, Keaton played her game which again ended in a tie, and Reagan and Campbell both reffed 1 game. When there game was over, the three of us ran home to shower before heading to Star City.
  • Keaton opted to stay and play her game today, but Campbell and Reagan came with me to Josh and Kyndall's wedding shower. It was a sweet little shower which we all enjoyed-the girls may have enjoyed seeing Shelley's dog more than the shower though. On our way home, we stopped at the Country Village Bakery to pick up some goodies-Campbell wanted a doughnut and Reagan opted for a apple fritter, and I bought 3 cinnamon rolls for people later. That made everyone super happy on the way home.
  • We made it home about the time that the Raymar people did. Tearing down took a bit longer since it was just Anderson and the rest of the family who helped. We were all able to unload, and then most people headed to the shower.
  • Robby and I heated up our leftovers for supper with plans to have our cinnamon roll in a little bit.

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