April 18, 2024-Adult's Only Camping Trip

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Robby started our camping trip last night in Maumelle so he woke up there while the rest of us woke at home. I could hear that someone was up fairly early this morning. I thought that it was Whitman, but I couldn't figure out why he would be in the school room so early.

When I did get out of bed, I was surprised to see that it was Anderson awake early. He was already sitting in the living room eating his breakfast and working on his school. No one else was awake, and it took me a while to wake up Whitman and the girls.

Soon we were finishing school for the day, and much to Whitman's disappointment, we even did spelling before lunch. I also took Keaton and Campbell to buy some candy for a birthday party that Keaton has to go to Saturday.

When we were there, Keaton picked her out some candy and Campbell did the same so we left with quite a bag of candy. Campbell decided that she wanted to drive home so she did that-she is steadily improving, but it is just always a little hard to ride as your baby drives a car. 

I soon headed out to Maumelle-and it wasn't long after that that Anderson went to Raymar to paint the fields and get ready for practice tonight. Reagan and Graham also went to Raymar to take pictures tonight so three Dennie kids were earning a pay check this evening which is great.

Last night going to practice, Anderson hydroplaned when he was stopping. It was not a big deal, but big enough for him to come home and tell me. Tonight, Reagan was pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign on the way home (the one at the curve where we kind of check for cars and then just go). Thankfully, she just got a warning, but hopefully both of them learned a lesson over the last few days. However, my heard finds all of this hard to take-again, my babies are driving.

Robby cooked pork chops tonight on the blackstone as well as Hawaiian bread. I did make the mashed potatoes-just from a bag though! We intended to have blueberries and pound cake for dessert, but we didn't get the pound cake out of the freezer so we will just do that tomorrow for lunch. 

We sat around and visited this evening and even walked Bentley fairly late tonight. It is almost midnight, and I am just about to take a shower and settle in to read a little bit. 

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