March 10, 2013

Yummy Push up!
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  • Well, last night we thought we had been so sneaky putting the kids to bed early but as we were still watching tv in our bedroom, we heard the pitter patter of feet, the slide of a bottom down the steps and then the opening and slamming of the fridge.  Graham was pretty convinced that it was morning time and time to have his morning milk.  We sent him back to bed and within an hour he was back down opening the fridge again.  And about 30 minutes later, we heard him and I went upstairs to check.  Well, he wasn't in his bed and I was about to panic a tiny bit but then he came uptairs.  He said that he was going to our bedroom the other way.  Seriously, that child was going to surprise us by coming in our room through the bathroom-that probably wouldn't fly to well with Robby and I who had been watching scary crime shows before bed.  
  • After we finally got him to sleep, we all slept pretty well.  And all too soon it was time to wake up.  The kids didn't bat an eye at waking up and getting ready for church.  Soon breakfast was finished and we were loading up the car headed to church.
  • Robby accompanied the big 3 as they went to the coffee shop to eat a cookie.  Anderson looked at Robby and said "your teeth are yellow."  And he continued with "all adults teeth that I see are yellow."    Kids are true self esteem builders.  
  • We again set in the balcony-though we may not next week since I am under the impression that the air in the balcony is thinner and it was harder to breathe up there.  Of course, that could be because of this baby!
  • Reagan stayed after church for choir.  They had an all day choir practice.  It sounded like she had a great time-had pizza, cookies, chex mix, animal crackers, more pizza and more cookies.  She also said that she sat by Hope.  
  • After church was over, we had lunch at Grannymom's house.  While there my third grade neice said that I and her sister were the same size-me, her 35 year old 36 week pregnant aunt, and her 19 year old tiny sister.  Ha!  I took that as a compliment but quickly understood that she wasn't talking about our size but our height.  See kids really are self esteem builders. 
  • After a bit of time at home, it was time to turn around and head back to church.  The boys were excellent during choir and Keaton and Campbell enjoyed having cookies with us.  Actually those girls scarfed down their cookies in a flash.  Then it was church time and the kids did really well-even though it was a bit longer service than usual.  
  • I passed out sandwiches on the way home and once home, the kids had popsicles and then went to bed.  As they were changing out of their Sunday clothes, I could NOT get Graham's shirt back over his head.  It was a bit challenging to get it on this morning but this evening it was nearly impossible.  Of course he came to me while we were both on the stairs so after yanking for awhile, I decided that we should go up so we both didn't come crashing down.  It took us about 5 minutes and I had already thought about getting the scissors out but we finally pulled that stinking shirt off.