March 8, 2013

Cookie Time!
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  • Oh, me, Graham climbed in our bed around 2:30 this morning.  Robby and I were both too tired to take him back to bed and I was even too tired to help him crawl over me so I just rolled over.  This left me in the middle of the bed-feeling trapped on my back and under the covers.  Thankfully, I was able to get back to sleep and we all slept fairly well.  But Graham was given a very stern warning tonight about not returning to our bed.
  • The kids were fairly slow waking up this morning.  But Keaton was up earlier than usual-she usually sleeps until after my shower but this morning she was up and ready to see Robby off.  Campbell took it upon herself to play with Keaton while I was taking my shower.  Poor Keaton is very tolerant of her big sister.  After a while though, Campbell grew bored of Keaton and Keaton showed up on the other side of my shower door saying "mama? mama?"
  • Next up was breakfast and then we started school.  We didn't have too long since it was nearly 9, when we finally sat down for breakfast.  I had the kids work with me at the kitchen table and work independently in the school room.  It worked fairly well but when you throw Keaton and Campbell in the mix things are always crazy.
  • Everyone was able to finish school and even have their ipad time.  Anderson did have to take his turn in the car on the way to Grannymom's house.  As soon as they arrived, Grannymom said that could go outside after they had lunch and I heard chorus' of "I'm starving."  I think they were pretty anxious to get outside and start playing.
  • After my weekly Walmart and Kroger run, I came back to see Keaton swinging on the swing and both boys riding through Grannymom's back yard with out their training wheels.  Pretty big time stuff.  I wish I would have had my camera in the car with me.  But they were really doing pretty good.
  • Back at home, we worked on Anderson's oral report.  He had to bring something that started with the letter M, N or something about China so we opted for fortune cookies (though they are originally from California).  We worked on Reagan's oral report which was about Graham learning how to read.  And we also did a lesson of Graham's reading book-that kid gets so excited about doing his book.  Today he read his second story: See me read.  Oh, he was thrilled to read that!  (actually, kind of read that)
  • They watched a few movies and then I sent everyone outside for a few minutes.  Robby had a shop at Corky's so we met him there.  The kids were all pretty perfect--probably the cheese dip, rolls and fries helped.  Everyone ate quite a bit of their half of a sandwich.  Then we all headed home for cookies.  The kids even had time to play before bedtime-pretty good day.