March 26, 2013

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The antics continue...

  • The kids have been adhering to the no talking or getting up before 7:00 lately but as soon as the clock hits 7:00 -- the noise begins! -- even while others are sleeping which starts some off a bit grouchy.
  • Graham was quick to come downstairs and was asking to use Robby's iPad but had to be reminded it was school day and he needed to get his clothes on.  He did so quickly, picked out his breakfast and then it was time for he and Robby to head off to school.
  • Everyone else picked out their breakfast and we soon got started with school. Anderson is very close to finishing his reading book - he was super excited to tell Robby at supper that he will finish up the book tomorrow while Graham grumbled he was only on lesson 17.  
  • Campbell was the fussy one today during school...preschool next year will be a good thing for her next year (or maybe a good thing for Mom!)
  • The plan was for everyone to load in the afternoon to go pick up Graham from Grannymom and Grandpa's but right before we begin to get ready, Robby texted and said he was going to get off a bit early and would swing by to get Graham.
  • They were home a little before 5:00 and soon it was supper time (Mexican) and then orange jello (eggs).  Well, they were supposed to be in the shape of eggs but they didn't quite come out of the cases very easily. No one seemed to mind eating their jello out of a bowl...even Anderson and Campbell who said at first they weren't going to eat jello.  They both cleaned their bowls.
  • Tara was off to Bunko (actually dinner at Panera Bread) and kids finished playing upstairs before picking up the toy room.  They made their way over to the bonus room for turns in the bath tub while the others watched The Price is Right.  Then Keaton went to bed while the rest of the crew watched one of the missionary movies. Tonight's selection was about William Tyndale.  Mom didn't warn Robby that Tyndale was burned at the stake - trying explaining that to a 3-year old!  
  • Everyone was in bed by 8:05...