March 16, 2013

Checking out the new library!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Since it was Saturday, Anderson and Campbell slept in until exactly 7:01.  Graham slept even a few minutes after that but since he had been in my bed from before 3, he didn't really count.  Now my Keaton did sleep until almost 9-she was my favorite this morning.
  • Before 8, we had played 4 rounds of jenga, I had a shower, the kids had eaten breakfast and I was starting to laminate (the laminating was the exciting part for me).  When Robby appeared from the bonus room (where he ended up when Graham finally kicked him out), he asked if Reagan was still asleep.  I told him that I wasn't quite sure since she had spent the night at Grannymom's house.  
  • Robby went upstairs to run and the kids played in the toy room while I worked on changing out Anderson's clothes from winter to summer.  I picked his clothes first because Anderson has one box of clothes to go through while the others have many more.  Graham's clothes are on my agenda for tomorrow-but enough about all of that. 
  • I did pull out the everyone's Sunday clothes for tomorrow.  Last week, I had given Reagan a choice of 3 outfits-one to wear to last weeks shower, one for last Sunday and then one for this week.  She liked 2 of them but the third was one that she was not pleased about having as one of her choices.  I explained that she would still be wearing it this Sunday.  So when I looked for it in her closet, I could not find it.  I looked and looked and that sneaky little thing had put it in the very back of Campbell's clothes.  Oh, I can't wait to see her expression in the morning, when she sees her dress that she will be wearing!  
  • Before 12, we were having lunch and then we headed out to clean the garage.  We should have been working in the yard but this was the next best thing-or the laziest thing.  I guess the kids will just hide their Easter eggs in the piles of leaves!  The garage is wonderfully neat-hope we can keep it this way.  Though I do think we need a rack for scooters and possibly parking lines on the floor for all of the bikes.
  • Then we loaded up and drove 11 miles to get gas-leaving us with 8 more miles before the car was completely, completely out of gas.  We made it and then picked up Reagan from Grannymom's house.    Reagan had a busy time-dominoes, egg hunting, shopping, yard work,.  She, like anyone, really enjoys being the center of attention.  
  • Sams was next on the list.  Our intentions were to buy some ice cream for our Sunday night ice cream truck.  But after Anderson had asked a few times but going to the park, we just settled for picking our medicine and eatiing some samples.  And yes, our medicine costs 600 dollars-can you believe that?  Robby was not as stunned as I was-thankfully, our magical deductible has not yet kicked in.  
  • So after that we went to the new children's library for some free fun.  The library was impressive and will be the perfect spot for a picnic on the grass someday after checking out some books.  And I even found a project for Grandpa-a raised garden bed.  Next up was the park and seriously, as much fun as the kids have climbing on those rocks and where I can't see them-it sure isn't any fun for me!   
  • We survived the park and then ended up at Dixie cafe for supper.  Robby thought that waiting an extra 5 minutes for me to defrost the hot dogs was too long or maybe he was just craving some rolls.  We sat in a booth tonight and the kids were rowdier than last night-we must remember to request a table next time.  But overall, they were still good and the food was good too-we all had catfish.
  • Graham had been asking this morning if we would go to the bonus room tonight and we had thought that we would.  But after eating out we weren't going to have much time so we rushed through showers and did get to set upstairs and watch a short missionary movie.  I slept so well during that movie.  Probably because I had originally thought the movie was about Paul Bunyan and not John as it was about-I was disappointed not to see Babe the big blue ox-so disappointed that I just fell asleep!