March 12, 2013

Today's Writing Lesson!
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  • So last night about eleven Robby and I headed to bed.  We had been watching a few shows every night but have now finished both series so we are without too much tv to watch.  So that left us going to bed a bit earlier than usual but alas before I knew it, Robby was working on getting every last drop of lint out of the dryer.  Actually, we did have quite a bit of lint in the dryer-way down deep past the lint catcher.  It took a step stool, a screwdriver, vacuum cleaner, 2 vacuum cleaner attachments and quite a bit of work but we now have the cleanest dryer around.  We probably should work on the other dryer tonight but that isn't going to happen!
  • I had to wake Graham up to get ready for school.  He was pretty excited since today was class picture day.  Unfortunately, they had many absent so maybe they will do it another day.  He sure did look cute today.  He is down to about 3 pairs of pants that do not have holes in them this winter.  And all 3 of those are a bit short.  So I pulled out a size 5 for him-I was just grabbing the first pair of jeans that I could find out of the size 4-5 box in the attic.  But this silly pants are a bit too snug on him but he managed.  I hate that because they look brand new-if they are snug on Graham then we all know that Anderson was never able to wear them.
  • Robby took Graham to school and the rest of us started our day with breakfast.  When we did wake Keaton up, her pajamas were wet but not crazy wet like usual.  Robby took a great risk last night and changed her before we went to bed.  I guess it paid off since she wasn't soaking wet this morning.
  • School went really well today-Anderson was even finished before Reagan.  He said  "this is the 3rd time that I have finished before her."  I don't know if that is accurate but he sure was proud of himself. But then I couldn't get him to leave the school room and go play.  I finally told him to go upstairs or I would get him started on tomorrow's work.  That did the trick!
  • Reagan didn't mind being the last one though.  I should have taken a picture of her phonics page today-the words seemed to be huge to me.  Huge at least for a first grader-I can't think of any examples though.  Her math was finding the perimeter of shapes-I had to look that one up!  After she finished, we read some history, science and geography.
  • Soon it was lunch time and then I had everyone help me clean the baseboards.  I think I am almost finished with all of this cleaning going on.  Though I do have to change over the kids clothes from winter to summer before the baby and then I am going to take some time off-put my feet up and eat some bon bons!  Ha!  
  • Before I knew it, we had to jump in the car to go and pick Graham up from Grannymom's house.  The weather was so nice that I decided at the last minute to take everyone to the park on the way home.  I told Robby I was trying to even the score since he has become the good guy by bringing home slushies most Monday afternoons.  We didn't stay too long but long enough for Keaton to fall sound asleep on the way home.  
  • While Keaton was asleep, the rest of us watched a Lewis and Clark movie and then I let them watch their own movies.  Everyone did pay amazing attention to the Lewis and Clark movie and pretty much after that Graham and Campbell were finished watching their movies and were happy following me around the house until Robby came home.
  • Graham did come up with cleaning the toy room all by himself to surprise Robby so I went up to help him.  Then it was supper time for the kids before heading to Grannymom's house.  I told the kids to gather their pajamas to change over there and the boys came down with their bags.  I again reminded everyone that we were not spending the night and didn't really need a bag but that didn't stop them.  
  • We dropped them off and Robby and I ran out to eat at NYPD pizza.  It took a bit but it was kind of nice to eat without too much distraction by the kids.  They are good eaters out but it is still hectic eating with 5 kiddos-eating out or eating in-always hectic!  The other night we noticed at a restaurant that an entire family-kids, parents and grandparents-took up 8 chairs.  Just our little family will soon fill up 8 chairs.  Seriously, when we have grandkids we will just have to rent out a back room of a restaurant.  
  • By the time we made it home, the kids were pretty tired and off to bed they went!