March 13, 2013

Ready for battle!
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  • As we were tucking the kids in last night, Anderson had one random question to Robby.  He asked Robby if he had ever smoked.  Robby replied no and thought that would be the end of the conversation.  Anderson said "but what if you just smoked one time, one time?"  I am not really sure if he was asking if it was okay to light up or what. Robby did give him a quick lesson about smoking before he tucked him in.
  • After staying out so late last night, Campbell was the only one awake when Robby left.  And everyone else didn't really stir until after 8 so it was a pretty lazy morning.  We had breakfast and then started school.  
  • School went well-Graham still struggles with needing me to hold his hand during every single thing I ask him to do.  But he isn't around during school enough to get the hang of things but overall, it was manageable and we were still finished by noon even after our late start and emptying all of the trash cans.
  • We had lunch and then everyone played for a bit before I put Keaton down for an early nap. The plan was to go and see Beebee and Papaw but she called and said that Papaw wasn't feeling good, so we scratched those plans and I let the kids watch another movie and have a snack.  
  • As I was getting Keaton's snack, I heard her waking up.  I continued doing a few things in the kitchen and then I eventually went to get her.  Poor thing was sitting in a pile of poo.  The first thing I did was grab her 4 baby dolls and rush them to the washing machine and turned on the shower.  Then I picked Keaton up, who was sitting pointing at the mess in her bed, and stripped her down and put her in the shower.  Then I hosed her off and let her continue in the shower for a bit-she was not happy at all about being in the shower all alone.  But I had to wash out her bed and put it out to dry, grab new clothes, clean up her old diaper and start the washer.  When the poor thing was all clean, she was just as happy as she could be.  
  • Then we went upstairs and the kids played while I snapped a few pictures and did the girls hair.  I did practice french braiding Campbell's hair and did decent enough for her to wear it that way to church.  Reagan wanted me to put her hair up in a bun but I tried my hand at that and it didn't go so well.  
  • Soon we met Robby at McDonalds for supper.  It is always funny to me because whenever I think the kids act awful someone will give us a compliment on their behavior.  And as we left, a homeless man asked Robby for something to eat-and Robby just reached around and handed the man a bag that I had made up a few weeks ago with some change, food, soap and a track in it.  So glad we used one and glad the kids saw that happen.  I think our little homeschool group is going to make some next year as one of our projects.  
  • Everyone was good at church-Reagan's class went shopping and she bought a bunch of stuff, Anderson said 2 more verses and is about finished with his extra credit book and I saw Graham and Campbell as I took Ms. Jennifer's place and talked to their daddy-I mean the Cubbie bear puppet.