March 7, 2013

Super Star!

  • All the kids stayed in their bed until at least 7:00. Not sure exactly when they came downstairs because Robby was actually out of bed before 7:00 to run.
  • When he finished, everyone else was stirring and we were starting breakfast.  He grabbed his breakfast and went to bonus room to "work from home" the rest of the day. He did surface back downstairs for lunch but soon disappeared again.  
  • Well, Robby was the responsible party while I ran to Graham's school around 10:00.  Graham was out today since it was Parent/Teacher Conference day. I was relieved to get an excellent report - behavior wise and skill sets.   Pretty proud and he's even one of the youngest in his class since he's birthday is late July.
  • Because of the morning meeting, we did have to split school up into two sessions. Everyone did good and everyone but Anderson was done before lunch.  After lunch, everyone else went upstairs to clean the toy room while Anderson finished up his work.
  • Afternoon brought a few movies for everyone but Keaton who managed to sneak in a nap.
  • Robby finished work a little after 5:00 and decided at the last minute he would take the crew out for supper since everyone had been home all day AND I was leaving the house. (Even though I wasn't leaving until 6:45.
  • They shot a few basketball hoops (Anderson had wanted to do that all day) before loading up the bus, well the "white van", to head to the kid's choice of McDonald's - mainly for the Play Place.  I tidied up the house a bit then left for my home school meeting with other moms to decide what we were going to do next year.
  • Robby said the kids were all very good at McDonald's - even Keaton loved playing on the Play Place but she really enjoyed the ice cream treat after supper. She couldn't decided if she liked the other kids fudge sundaes or Robby's Shamrock shake.
  • It was bedtime for the kids by the time they made it home - after a few teeth were brushed, potty stops made - everyone went to bed and not a peep was heard the rest of the night.