March 3, 2013

Lil' sis and Big Sis'
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The other day I mentioned that Anderson had been lacking on his bathroom business therefore I gave him some meds to quicken things along.  So yesterday, Anderson called me upstairs to help him wipe.  There was quite a bit of toilet paper in the potty so I asked if he had wiped himself.  I have been encouraging him to do his own wiping and was quite surprised when he replied "yeah, I have been."  Well, whoops, guess I jumped the gun on giving him a some meds.  Little fiber never hurt anyone!  
  • Graham didn't even make it an hour in his bed last night.  He was quickly moved to our bedroom because of his cough/cough/whine/yell sequence that he did over and over again.  He slept for a bit in our room but started up again around 2.  Robby made it until 3 and then he moved on our of the bedroom.
  • Somehow after Robby left, Graham and I never woke up again-or at least I never woke up again.  Around 7:15, my phone rang and it was my dad.  His first words answered the question I had in my head-his first words were "no one die."  He was just asking if Graham needed to stay with them this morning instead of church.  Thankfully, Graham feels fine during the day and only coughs during the night-not tonight or he has been told that he is sleeping with Belle.
  • We all made it to church on time and everyone did well.  And after the big 3 had cookies, we surprised Anderson by sitting in the balcony.  He had been asking to sit in the balcony for a long time. Robby and I never really got to sit in the balcony growing up (during special musical events is the only time that I remember).  Everyone paid attention even though we thought that the sound was not as good up there but we might just end upstairs again.
  • Next up was lunch at Nonna's house.  The kids ate well and played hard.  Soon it was time to go and when we were in the car, Anderson asked "did we act good?"  He was asking if they had gotten in the car without too much drama (as we have been having some drama leaving grandparent's houses lately).  And they in fact did perfect today so maybe we are turning over a new leaf.
  • It seemed like we were only home for a few minutes before we had to turn around and head back out the door.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham had choir and Robby had a meeting so that left Keaton, Campbell and me to hang out until church time.  We had cookies at the coffee shop, walked around and around and around the church house and even spied on the boys who were behaving perfectly in their class.
  • Everyone was very good during church again.  And surprisingly I was less distracted this morning in the balcony than I was tonight.  This evening we were sitting in the middle section about in the middle of the rows.  And I was completely distracted by the lady nursing her baby right in front of us.  Seriously?  All I can say is thank God for blankets or I wouldn't have heard a word of the sermon!
  • The kids had a snack on our way to church, the little girls had their cookies during church and the big kids had a cookie before big church.  But still when we made it home, we needed supper so Robby made supper while the rest of us changed into pjs and picked up the toy room.  Tomorrow is a busy day so I at least needed one room clean before the day started (school for most, cleaning for Keaton and me, picking up Graham and Grant from school for them to play, dropping of Grant and then picking up Reagan, Anderson and Kennedy, picking up Campbell and possibly dropping off Keaton and Campbell before meeting Robby to go to soccer try outs-just need a weekend after the weekend.)
  • Anyway, after supper and ice cream truck the kids headed up to bed and it sounds like Graham is taking Robby's suggestion on not to cough (and especially whine and yell) tonight so he doesn't have to sleep with Belle.