March 11, 2013

Mailbag:  A Picture from Hank of all his dogs!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • My dad joked with me last night that we wouldn't be awake at 7:30 this morning.  And he was almost right because I was the first one up at 7:15.  We moved pretty quickly and Robby and the kids were off in time for school.  His first stop was dropping of Campbell and Keaton, then taking Graham to school, then a quick run to the store before dropping off Anderson and Reagan to their class.
  • Since Robby took everyone to school, I had a whole extra hour to work here at home: straightening, laundry, sweeping and some work in our closet.  Not too bad for 3 hours worth of work.  Then it was off to pick up Graham from school.  About 5 kids were out from his class today so I am sure he enjoyed lots of individual attention.  
  • Then we went to lunch at Nonna's house and the little girls had a very good day.  Campbell helped make trail mix with Nonna and Keaton snuggled up with Pops to take a nap.  Keaton had a bit of fever this afternoon and possibly some tonight.  After a long nap this afternoon, she perked up some.  She might be teething since Reagan said that she was putting her hands in her mouth during bath time or maybe Campbell had just put soap in her mouth.
  • After Graham played for awhile at Nonna's house, then we headed home.  Our first activity was chasing Keaton around to give her some medicine.  Then she was put to bed and Campbell, Graham and I played an exciting round of Minnie Mouse bow bingo.  They both did really well and played until the game was over.  (This made me add to our summer list of playing each and every one of our games this summer.)
  • We then watched a movie while Keaton finished her nap.  During the movie Campbell quickly fell asleep-possibly because she was cuddled up with me who was also snoozing.  Before too long though, Robby was on his way home with the other crew.
  • Reagan said that her favorite thing that happened today at school was playing "cops and robbers" during recess.  Should I be worried about that?  I guess before I become too concerned I should find out if she was a cop or a robber.  And Anderson received a pretty big compliment today from his teacher.  She said that he had the best manners of anyone else in his class today.  And that compliment earned sonic drinks for everyone.
  • The kids played upstairs and then watched a quick show while Robby finished work and I finished supper-quite a smorgasbord tonight-leftover bbq for Robby, leftover soup for me, nuggets, green beans, mac and cheese and peaches for the kids.  
  • Then we all headed upstairs for baths and to watch a missionary movie from the church library (pretty good series and this one was much less intense than the poor lady that was eaten by lions).  After that it was bedtime for all the kids-good thing they don't really have a real bedroom window or they would have noticed that it was still light outside!