March 1, 2013

Friday Project Day!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • After a few days of off and on fever along with quite a bit of congestion, Graham still surprises us by how well he sleeps.  Today he seems to be on the mend so we shall see.  Even though he slept well, he was still the first one up and down to our bed.  Robby eventually had to get up and get ready but still no one else was downstairs yet.
  • When Robby left, only Graham, Anderson and Campbell were awake and they were all upstairs playing.  After awhile, I did wake up Reagan and pulled Keaton out of bed.  After changing her, she ran to the kitchen and looked around.  She continued to look around-finally, I understood that she was looking for Robby.  
  • We had breakfast and I gave Anderson some medicine-I told him it was so he didn't get what Graham has.  He dutifully chewed up the pills without asking any questions and thankfully no one else wondered why I wasn't concerned with them getting Graham's cold.  His medicine was to help his bathroom business along since I don't think he has done any business since Monday and no telling how long before I noticed.  
  • I had debated just buying juice and fruit at the grocery store but then opted to buy some chewable pills instead hope that would prevent us from having to do anything serious.  Thankfully, his medicine kicked in before breakfast was over.  If my blog is still around someday when the kids are bigger, they will just be mortified-oh, well.
  • We did school this morning and everyone did well.  We then had ipad time-kind of nice since I pick their games and this gives me time to get a few things straightened.  Then on Fridays, we have been pulling out one of their Christmas gifts or some other project to work on.  I really like them doing this but I am pulled in 5 different directions during this time.  Actually, Reagan worked on her fashion design kit and didn't need any help and Campbell was still finishing her ipad time so she was good.  Anderson was working on his pirate ship and I have to be there with each piece and Graham wanted to make a space shuttle like Anderson did earlier in the week.
  • I had pulled out bread for lunches (10 slices) and then asked Reagan what type of sandwich she would like.  Then she said that she wanted bagels with cheese like the other day.  I was so surprised that I put all that bread and pulled out the bagels.  Everyone had complained when I made that the other day.  These kids of mine like to keep my on my toes.
  • Afterwards I made everyone help me straighten the house-this included dividing up and organizing Keaton's baby toys and even pulling out many, many presents that my sweet bunko girls gave to us last night.  The kids were thrilled with opening the bags-even though they had diapers and wipes in them.  
  • Next up was a few movies for the big ones and then we all had reading time.  My Grahammy didn't want to read but wanted to work on his reading book instead.  So I obliged and we worked on his book-when Reagan and Anderson worked on it, I should have videoed every few lessons so I could look back and see how slow the learning to read process is.  
  • It was after 5 when Robby came home.  The kids (really just me) were getting restless for him to come home.  We were pretty much ready to leave when he made it home so after a few minutes we headed out.  We ate Texas Roadhouse and it was a pretty perfect evening.  Robby had called ahead for seating and I went in to check on our wait.  The lady said 30 minutes and before I could even get back to the van, the pager was going off.
  • So we had immediate seating and bread and peanuts to keep everyone occupied while we ordered and waited on the food.  The kids were excellent and were even pretty hungry.  By the time we made it home, it was bedtime for all.