March 9, 2013

Celebrating Caleb's birthday!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Pretty run of the mill morning-everyone piled into our bed and we tried to be really still and quiet so they would go away.  It didn't work!  Robby eventually snuck out to run and I passed out breakfast.  Soon everyone was playing upstairs and that lasted about 10 minutes and then they disappeared.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham ended up upstairs in the bonus room with Robby who was running.  They all sat quietly watching Shark Tank until Robby finished.  Meanwhile I took my shower while Keaton and Campbell talked to me.  As I was getting ready, I explained that Reagan and I were going to a wedding shower.  Campbell looked at me and shouted "you just got out of there"
  • It wasn't long before Reagan and I headed out to Maradee's wedding shower.  Reagan was so cute in her dress sitting at the table with all of the old ladies.  When we made it back at home, it was almost lunch time.
  • Campbell and I made lunch for everyone and then they went back upstairs to play some more.  And soon it was nap time for Keaton.  That little smiley girl is the happiest thing ever.  She grins and smiles if I ask her if she wants some milk, if I ask her if she wants to take a nap or even if I ask her if she needs a spanking.  She is always just smiling away-wonder if she will still be smiling when I am holding  a tiny baby and not her?
  • After her nap, it was time to put on bathing suits and gather towels.  We had Caleb's birthday party at the pool in Bryant.  Poor Reagan did not want to put on her floatees but she had to since the pool was crazy deep.  She quickly forgot about it and was having a good time and even spent most of her time playing with Campbell.
  • We ran back by Nonna's house to pick up Keaton.  We didn't let her go with us to the pool or she would have demanded to go swimming and since Robby and I didn't plan on swimming, she didn't get to go.  But she loved the undivided attention from Pops and Nonna.
  • And then at home, we pulled a fast one on the kiddos.  Robby ran upstairs to move the kids clocks back while they had a drink before bed and then they put on their pajamas and brushed teeth.  Such good kiddos since they all obediently went to bed without even a clue it was way before bedtime!