March 15, 2013

Spring trip to the Zoo...
(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning the kids knew that it was zoo day and they were up and moving early.  Well, kind of early-it was close to 8.  The boys did build a "lego store" upstairs before they even came downstairs.  Before Robby was able to finish his shower, we were upstairs putting on clothes for the big day.
  • The kids had breakfast while I had my shower and then we started on school.  I worked with Anderson and sent Reagan to hide somewhere to work on all of her work.  And then I had the wonderful idea to turn on a leap frog movie (somewhat educational cartoon) for Graham and Campbell-worked wonderfully except that Campbell didn't watch it at all.  
  • We were in the car at 10:20 and were about to pull out when Grannymom text to ask if Reagan would want to spend the night.  So I made sure the movie was on and Reagan and I ran inside to pack her stuff for the night.  
  • Then we were off-we picked up Grannymom, Lilly and Cash.  The kids were so excited but we figured that it had been since October that anyone had been to the zoo.  By almost 11, the parking lot was full but we lucked into a good spot.  And after a short wait in the line, we were in the gates and on our way.  
  • While we were waiting in line, Graham remembered my conversation from last night about my having this big ole baby in my tummy, me being tired and when I said it was time to go there would be no complaining.  So while we were in line, Graham looked at me, looked at the stroller filled with bags and Keaton and then that sweet child asked "are you going to need us to help you push the stroller?"  Grannymom and I did work together to push the stroller.  
  • Our first stop was the snake and then the monkeys and fish.  We had brought money for fish food but my little scavengers found more fish food on the ground than we actually bought.  We were only in that spot for an hour or two-not that long.  But the kids could have stayed there even longer.  
  • Next up was the penguins, elephants, giraffes and lots of other animals.  By this time, the kids were begging for lunch.  The zoo makes these kids hungry!  My lunch packing was pretty easy-paper plates, sandwiches from the freezer, a bag of chips, a bag of cookies, 3 clemintines, 2 bottles of water and 5 juice boxes.  That is my kind of lunch packing-easy peasy.
  • At the giraffes, Anderson was asking about why a gate was there and I told him that maybe the zookeeper takes them on a walk.  Anderson looked at me and then said "man, that must be a big leash."
  • After lunch, the kids played on the new playground and then we walked over to the old playground for more playing.  Keaton had a blast being let out of the stroller to play-her favorite was crawling through the tunnel.  Eventually, we made it to the carousel and Grannymom let everyone have a ride before we headed out of the gates.
  • We further enticed the kids to leave with a promise to a trip to Sonic.  I had to write down everyone's order-8 drinks-to make sure that we had everything correct.  And we still missed one but Lilly didn't mind waiting for them to bring hers out.
  • We dropped off Grannymom, Reagan, Lilly and Cash and then the rest of us headed home.  Keaton had been asleep but as soon as they climbed out, she was wide awake and noticing their drinks.  So I poured her some and then we headed home.  
  • At home, everyone played outside until I spent too long inside helping Campbell change her clothes-she had gotten them wet.  I heard the garage going down and went quickly to find Keaton-Anderson had brought her in the front door, while Graham cleaned up the toys and closed the garage.  Sometimes they are surprisingly responsible.
  • After making a fort, playing upstairs and watching a movie, Robby was home and we were headed out for supper.  We ate at Brownings and the kids were perfect-absolutely perfect.  Then we walked over to Hagaan Daaz for some ice cream and sprinkles.  There were more sprinkles on the kids bowls than ice cream and they loved, loved it!  
  • By the time we made it home, it was pretty late and the kids crashed.  Hopefully, they are so tired that this will result in them sleeping in really late in the morning.