March 25, 2013

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Soccer Season Begins!

  • Anderson was the first one in our bed this morning.  I knew it was barely 7 when he laid down but then we must have fallen back to sleep because by the time Graham had snuggled with us for a bit, it was time to get moving.  
  • It didn't take too long for the kids to get ready - though there was no time for breakfast in the kitchen, we passed it out in the car.  Except for Keaton who had to eat at Nonna's house.  When Robby went to get her up, she was still sound asleep.  
  • Keaton and Campbell spent the morning at Nonna and Pops' house.  They stayed busy all morning-Campbell's favorite thing was washing dishes.  
  • When I picked up Graham from school, I could see him getting up to come to the car and the little guy spilled his entire cup of grass and dirt.  Ms. Stacy quickly picked it up with him and we assured him that it would still grow-man, I hope it does.  It didn't bother him at all though-except he thinks he planted a strawberry seed and not grass seeds.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and Graham talked and talked and talked.  He was in a really good mood-even picked up a puzzle and then cleaned the living room without being asked.  Now for every bit of good that Graham was, Campbell was not at all.  She just had herself a meltdown as we were leaving.  And Keaton was screaming as well because her little finger had gotten slammed in the piano.  
  • Once at home, Graham played a game on the ipad with Robby and Keaton had a nap.  Then Graham watched a movie while Campbell fussed and followed me around.  Soon it was time for Robby to pick up the others and Campbell went with him.  It took us forever to convince Graham to go with Robby.  He had become bored and was now following me around along with Campbell.
  • Reagan and Anderson had lots to talk about on the way home.  They had each brought food for a food drive and Reagan's class had won the pizza prize for the most food.  Kind of funny because Anderson really wanted to win the pizza but Reagan didn't want to win the pizza at all and she was the class that ended up winning.
  • And then they kept going on and on about their lunch packed in Easter eggs.  Anderson said everyone in his class said "oooh."  And Reagan said that she showed "every single person" in her class.  Of course they asked me about packing their lunch in eggs next week as well.  Graham even asked if I would pack his lunch when he is in kindergarten in Easter eggs.  I need to just make them Easter egg lunches this week.  
  • So all of the kids only had a bit of time before it was time to load back up for soccer.  Robby took the boys while I fed the girls at home.  Then I brought the girls, dropping off Reagan and picked up the boys.  And let me tell you it was cold, cold, cold out there.  The windchill was 32 and Robby who was out coaching for both teams for 2 whole hours was pretty chilly.  Once I brought the boys home, I fed them and they put their pajamas on and soon Robby was home with Reagan.
  • Robby's report was that the boys did pretty good listening but his team may not have any standout players like last year but that Reagan's team will have a few good players.  Winning doesn't matter but the kids really notice that so I do hope they do decently.    
  • Tonight Campbell was saying the night time prayer for everyone and one thing she said was "Thank you God that we didn't do homeschool today."  That little turkey!
  • And this morning, I had my doctors appointment.  I am not sure what the baby's heartbeat was because my doctor was busy telling us about his New Orleans trip.  As he was leaving, he asked if we had any questions and I asked when we were going to have the baby.  He asked when I wanted to and I said that he was the in charge.  So he mentioned next Wednesday and we asked if Tuesday would work.  He agreed and so April 2nd is the date for Dennie baby 6 to arrive.