March 17, 2013

Watch out Hollywood!
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  • If I were a good mom, we would have had green pancakes and green milk for breakfast but I am not that mom!  Ha, actually when Reagan went to bed tonight, she said "you know, we really didn't celebrate St. Patrick's day."  I guess we were fortunate that everyone had one some green today.  Maybe we can recelebrate in a few days.  We are actually behind on our celebrations-we had said that we would take Campbell bowling for her family birthday party before Christmas.  Well, that got pushed back until after Christmas and then the ice storm/power outage made us completely forget about it at all.  It is still on my list too-maybe we can bowl wearing green soon!
  • Church was good this morning-well, I guess it was (I had nursery duty).  The kids came home singing the same song that the choir sang.  In Keaton's class, she was so incredibly happy to have me in there during the first part of her class but towards the end of the class, she had her fill of me holding other kids and wasn't pleased at all and was ready for us to leave.  This little baby sure won't please her at all-but she sure can say "baby" really well so I guess she is ready for baby 6 to arrive.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house-she was celebrating St. Patrick's day with green cookies and key lime pie along with some peach cobbler (that one wasn't green).  The kids played for a bit while Robby and Pops both snoozed on the couch.  
  • Back at home, Keaton had her nap along with Robby and me.  The others played legos upstairs forever.  I poured their milks and put their snacks in bowls and even turned the tv on so they could start it without any trouble.  I was almost asleep when I heard them all come sliding down the stairs to watch their movies.   Robby had a meeting to head to so I got up when he left and through the kids bedroom I could see them all back in the toy room happily playing legos-I was tempted to crawl back on the couch but did get up.
  • I made them do a few school boxes (cruel I know but Reagan won't be here tomorrow or Tuesday mornings so the work must go on).  And really, they just picked the easiest boxes to do.  Then Reagan watched a video about how to make her duct tape tote that she received from Christmas while Anderson worked on his circuit kit.  Graham helped Anderson and I entertained Keaton and Campbell with the laundry.  
  • Then they were all pretty restless and so I didn't wait on Robby to come home for supper.  We had our hot dogs and then the kids played for a bit.  When Robby came home, we did have some Valentine's day cookies (I know, wrong holiday) and then it was bedtime for all.  We did talk about just trying out Keaton in the big kid room soon-maybe we will work up our nerve in a few days to just try it out.