March 27, 2013

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A Visit to Beebee and Pawpaw's!

  • Graham climbed in our bed around 3 this morning.  Robby and I were pretty wide awake and he asked Graham what he was doing.  Graham said that he just wanted to lay down with us.  And even though we were fairly awake, we just opted to let him stay-so much easier than walking up all those stairs and then back down again.
  • With Graham in our bed, the others slept a bit later-including Robby who was sleeping in the bonus room.  I text him to make sure that he was awake and shortly he reappeared to get ready for work.  
  • I had actually finished a few chores before it was time for breakfast.  The kids are on a crazy pop tart kick.  I have been wanting to have a different breakfast each morning-may try that soon...well, as soon as my grocery bill allows me to stock up on 7 different breakfast items.  I like schedules and thinks a breakfast schedule might just work.  
  • School is pretty good today-Anderson did finish his reading book and Graham was pretty excited that he only has 72 lessons left (but since we do them all twice-he only has 144!)  School went by fairly quickly-though we seem to take longer lately.  
  • But we still had time to do an Easter egg match game-I had uppercase letters on one half of the eggs and lowercase on the others along with some with numbers and dot matches.  They loved it and it was their favorite thing of the day-Keaton would run along beside them grabbing eggs and trying to match them (unsuccessfully) as fast as she could.  Everyone helped Campbell find her matches and Graham really surprised me with knowing the letters as well as he does.  
  • Then it was time for lunch and we ended that with trying to make our jello jiggler eggs again today.  I haven't tried to take them out yet but I did add lots less water so we will see if they work.  The kids picked up and we even played a game of Mother May I.  Graham actually did better than Reagan and Anderson at remembering to ask during the game. 
  • This all made our afternoon a bit shorter so soon we were loading up to go and see Beebee and Papaw.  My mom had bought some Easter stuff for my grandparents to give to the kids so the kids were crazy excited.  All of them sat in the floor and ate every bit of candy in their little cups.  And when my Keaton had finished her candy, she took my hand and led me to where Beebee keeps her candy and started pointing.  That little booger wanted more candy!
  • Also my Keaton would graciously set in Beebee and Papaw's laps if I had my camera in my hand.  But as soon as I finished snapping pictures, she would quickly slide out of their laps.  Now she did set in Beebee's lap while she was combing her hair.  
  • Another thing that happened while visiting was Beebee telling the kids that if they were living at home, the kids could come and stay with Beebee while I was having the baby.  Anderson looked at her and then said "um, I don't think so.  That would probably be too much to handle."  I am not sure if he was talking about Beebee handling them or the kids having to handle Beebee and Papaw!
  • Soon we met Robby at Taco Bell for some happy hour supper and then it was off to Awana.  Anderson finished his extra credit book tonight and he was shocked when I showed him some more verses for him to say.  I guess he thought he would be finished learning verses-I didn't even mention that soon he will start working on his first grade verses-we aren't wasting any time around here.  
  • Back at home, the kids had a little cupcake before bed and then we tried to explain the day and where everyone was going when-probably would have been easier to make a diagram for them!