March 2, 2013

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  • We slept decently this morning but during the night, Graham would cough, whine and pull at his ear.  By 2, we had enough of that and brought him downstairs to sleep on our floor.  His whining had woken Campbell up and she was getting upset.  As I helped Graham out of bed, Campbell asked me a hundred ways where Graham was going.  I tried to explain but eventually just said that he was going to the bathroom so she would just go back to sleep.  But her first words to me this morning were "Graham didn't come back last night."
  • Anyway, we had set the alarm for 7, so I could take Graham to the Saturday clinic and truly find out if it was his ears (we had debated going yesterday but he perked up during the day).  Graham and I were the second car in the parking lot but still the 5th in line.  By 8:45 though we were out the door and nope, no ear infection.  That was a good thing for Graham but sure a lot of trouble for nothing!  We did make a morning out of it and brought home some doughnuts for the crew.
  • We had a pretty lazy morning-Robby ran, we ate doughnuts, everyone watched a few minutes of an ocean show and before too long it was lunch time.  We all ended up eating leftovers from last nights supper out.  
  • And before long, it was Keaton's nap time and the others movie time.  Then we cut the boys hair-gave them a good spring trim that will hopefully last until after the baby (doubtful as hairy as they are becoming-like father like son.)  
  • Oh, yes, during the kids movie time, we heard the pitter patter of feet coming up to the bonus room.  We had told the kids that they could get their milk during their second movie and I had put all of their milks lined up in the fridge.  Anderson was the first to walk into the room and by his breathing and the look on his face, Robby was convinced the something horrible had happened-like Campbell had fallen in the potty, the refrigerator had tipped over or something worse.  But the words out of Anderson's mouth were "Campbell took the cup with the apple on it."  Drama, drama!
  • We had supper at the Pennington's house.  The kids enjoyed playing with Jacob, Ethan, Hayley, Camryn and Laynie.  By the end of the evening, all of the boys were so exhausted that they were sitting on the couch with their heads leaned back.  
  • At home, after everyone was in bed, Graham started his cough and then whine bit again.  I didn't waste any time and went up to move him.  Oddly enough he was sound asleep-took me forever to coax him out of bed.  He was happy to be able to sleep on our floor again so hopefully, he will sleep well (or at least we will sleep well)