March 31, 2013-Easter

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Happy Easter!

  • Graham tried to climb into our bed around 1 last night.  Actually, as I was setting up to take him back to bed, he went on and climbed in.  Robby asked him what was wrong and he didn't answer.  When Robby told him that the lights were back on, he popped up and didn't seem to mind going back to bed.  Apparently, the big storm came around 2 and we were all soundly back asleep by then since we didn't hear any part of the thunder or lightening.
  • Graham was also the first one up and he did notice the Easter baskets filled and sitting on the bar stools.  He had looked inside and even got up to take a second look.  Graham was pretty patient laying with us.  Robby told him that he could dump it out and look at everything when the others woke up.  Campbell was in bed with us and even though Graham was continuing to talk about his basket, she never really understood that there were new things in her basket.
  • Eventually, the others woke up and they all started dumping basket, ooohing and awwing over every thing.  The toothbrushes were the biggest hit of all-strange to me.  I was confused about Reagan and Campbell's baskets so they ended up trading toothbrushes, bubble colors and quite a few other things.  With all of this noise going on, Keaton woke up and she was just as thrilled with her basket.  She knew it was all hers and was so excited about pulling everything out.
  • Oh yes, the other really big hit in the baskets was the orange juice and honey buns.  Everyone devoured them for breakfast and the boys and Campbell tried to save their juice but ended up drinking it all.  Robby asked tonight why they wanted to save it and I reminded him that they never get orange juice around here so it was a pure delight.  After breakfast, I worked in the kitchen while Robby ran and the kids watched him.  
  • Then all of the kids helped clean the toy room and put on clothes for the day.  Next up was cleaning the kitchen floor so we banned everyone from the kitchen and of course everyone wants to go where they can't.  Even Keaton was in on the action-she would see the steam mop, say "hot, hot" and then run back down the hall.  
  • Nonna and Pops were the first to arrive and Pops helped us clean off a bowl of hummus while I devoured most of Nonna's deviled eggs (I am still crazy miserably stuffed)  Soon Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly and Cash were all here.  Lunch was delicious and I think we all enjoyed it-even though Campbell spilled her drink twice, Anderson flipped his plate over and a few minutes later Graham flipped his plate as well.  Now we have had these plates for years and have never had one plate flip!  
  • Anyway, the kids soon went upstairs to play and we started to hide Easter eggs.  It was at least  a hundred or more that we hid-took Pops, Jason and me a while to hide them all.  Robby started the kids on the steps, letting the little ones go first followed by the big kids.  We had eggs all over this house and surprisingly everyone found a pretty equal share.  Pops helped Keaton find all of the ones in the kitchen-she would spot one, pick it up, shake it and then put it in her bucket.  Campbell was convinced that she only had 4 and then 5, despite the fact that her bucket was nearly full.
  • After most eggs had been found the kids all sat in a circle opening up their eggs.  They were stuffed with some stickers, coins, chocolate candy and erasers (my kids needed a few erasers for school).  When the eggs were emptied, Keaton helped put them in the box for next year and the rest of the kids went back to search the house for more.  They did end up finding a few more before we started on dessert.
  • We had carrot cake, apple dumplings and bunny cake.  The bunny cake was a hit with the kids and afterwards they had time to play some more.  Soon everyone left and it was nap time at this house-Robby, Keaton, me and Campbell.  It didn't last for too long because we soon we feeding these hungry kids.  
  • I did feed them a fairly light supper and then we unloaded all of their Easter stuff and put it up.  Next up was picking up the toy room again.  I let the kids help pick out the clothes that they wanted to take while they are at Nonna's and Grannymom's houses.  Of course, they all believed that they needed to bring their own bag but I had to quickly explain that would be way too many bags and way too confusing for Grannymom and Nonna.  I did say that they could pack their own bag full of toys and extra stuff.  Hopefully, I will not forget to throw in some of Keaton's clothes since I briefly forgot about I would have to pack her since her clothes are not with the others' clothes.
  • After everyone was pajama-ed up, we watched an episode of Price is Right before heading to bed.  While watching the Price is Right, we saw a commercial of a lady in a wedding dress.  I asked Reagan if she was going to have a pretty dress like that one day.  She then described-in detail-what her wedding dress was going to look like.  Man, don't want them to grow up.  Her dress, she says, will have little see through straps, will be white and not big a poofy but straight.
  • Campbell was wired because of her nap and spent at least an hour in her bed giggling away until her second visit by one of us.  Finally, she did fall asleep-or at least the batteries in the monitor ran out!