March 4, 2013

Graham's buddy Grant comes to play...
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby and I were the first ones to wake up this morning at 7:30-eeek, that is a little bit late for a school morning.  I quickly had my shower and then started getting the kids ready.  Glad most things were already by the door but we did have to put the car seats back in from last week's bunko outing.  
  • We still were able to drop Graham off near the start of school.  He was so excited because this was the day that Grant was coming over to play.  Then we drove to the other side of the church house to wait for Reagan and Anderson's school to start.  We read the Dr. Seuss book that Reagan was taking to her class today.  
  • When I dropped them off I had to wait near each class for a bit since their teachers weren't yet in the classes.  Reagan's teachers were in the building and really, I don't have to worry too much about her but I did stay near Anderson's class until I could tell that he was going to sit down and do the right thing until his teacher arrived.
  • On the way home, Keaton was making all kinds of noise and then she stopped talking.  I started thinking (hoping) that she was asleep and I could just transfer her to her bed and quickly do my work.  But when I went to get her out of the van, she was grinning at me and ready to play.  Actually, it was nice to have her today-she worked hard unfolding all of my laundry as soon as I would fold it.  But her favorite thing was following me around while I was sweeping.  If I was holding the broom she was holding the tiny sweeper and then we would switch.  
  • After less than 2 hours, it was time to pick up Graham and Grant.  Grant came home with us today and it looked like his dad practically had to leave a sample of blood for the school to ok him coming home with me.  Poor guy had to fill out an entire page for our little play date.  Grant was so excited that I had brought the big van.  He told me that he was hoping I would bring it.  I told the boys to sit in the very back and Graham told Grant to sit in his usual seat.  Graham added "it is the best seat because the remote control is right beside it.  My brother and my sister think I can't do the remote but I can."
  • Listening to Graham and Grant talk today was pretty funny.  Graham would refer to his siblings as "my brother" or "my sister" or even "my little bitty sister."  And when the boys first came in the house, Graham showed Grant around "here's my bedroom, and the bathroom and all the toys."  So cute.  They played upstairs, had some lunch, played outside, came inside, watched a movie and had a snack and then played back upstairs.  They really had the best time playing together.
  • We loaded up a bit early so they could play on the playground at church while we waited on Grant's grandma to pick him up before picking up his brother.  Soon school was over and Reagan, Anderson and Kennedy joined us on the playground.  It eventually became pretty crazy on the playground but they all had a blast-including Keaton.  She really held her own with all of the big kids.  Her favorite thing to do was climb up the steps and then slide down.  She is getting big too quick.
  • Back at home, Kennedy and Reagan played dolls and the boys played in the toy room while I unpacked their bags.  Soon Robby was rolling in-he had picked up Campbell from Grannymom's house.  Campbell had a wonderful time and has talked and talked since she has been home.  She did give me a hug but then said "where's Keaton? I missed Keaton."  
  • Soon it was time to load up for soccer.  We dropped off Campbell and Keaton.  Campbell would have been fine going but it was just so much easier for me to take Keaton to my mom's house for a bit.  When we arrived 15 minutes before it started, there were probably 100 people already there.  Robby hurried to his spot to start working and we hurried to get in line.  
  • We found our paper work and then started on the drills.  The kids were all very attentive and tried really hard on all of the drills.  Reagan and Kennedy had to do one extra drill since they are older and while they did this one, the boys saved our spot in another line.  By the time we finished, lines were long-very, very long.  Robby was still working so we ran to McDonalds to pick up some burgers for us to eat as we waited.  
  • Then it was back to Nonna's house to pick up my little girls.  Kennedy's dad picked her up from try outs so we were back to our regular 5 kids.  At home, Graham took his medicine, everyone put on their pjs and had half a doughnut and milk before bed.  They were exhausted tonight and I think that I am as well!
  • Tonight as we were brushing teeth, Anderson asked me "Mom, are you pregnant?"  He said it like it might be a bad word or like he might get in trouble for asking.  I said that I was and continued to explain the meaning of pregnant.  Funny kid.