March 21, 2013

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Mr. Mike's store!
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  • So just a few weeks ago the kids were waking up late, but now they are waking up at 7 or before each and every morning.  And my Campbell and Graham are the ones that are the most awake and they start chatting immediately while Reagan tries to tell them to be quiet.  Needless to say, it gets pretty ugly up there before Robby and I can wake up enough to stop it.  
  • It is strange though, when they don't really have anything to do they get into trouble.  But if we keep them busy then everyone does the right thing and gets along fairly well.  I guess they do say that idle hands are a devil's workshop.  
  • Soon though, we were finished with breakfast and starting on school. This was the first normal-ish school day that we have had this week.  Haven't read any science or history this week so we will try to catch up tomorrow.  And like I had talked about yesterday, Reagan's math pages today were a big deal to her and took forever!  The work boils down to reading a large number written in words "three hundred and seventy eight thousand, nine hundred and forty-six" and knowing how to write that in numbers "378, 946."  It is pretty tricky for her but she will get it soon.  
  • We did end school a bit early and head to Maumelle for the grand opening of the Stott's new store-Countertop Solutions.  The kids were pretty impressed with the big scissors and they were very impressed with the cupcakes and snack mix to eat.  On the way to Grannymom's house, we stopped for a quick bite to eat on the way.  Poor Keaton thought that I wasn't going to pass back her pieces of cheese roll up and she let us know all about it.
  • Robby and I dropped the kids and the little van off to see Grannymom and Grandpa for a bit.  And then we headed to do some speed grocery shopping.  Seriously, we bought enough to fill up the trunk of Grannymom's car in just a few minutes.  Then Robby went back home to do his real work while I did the laundry, pulled out school for tomorrow, straightened up some and then started working on Reagan's clothes.
  • The kids had a big time with Grannymom and Grandpa-watched some of the Price is Right when we were on it, played on the ipad, watched some tv and played outside-cops and robbers, dodge ball and monkey in the middle.  Then Grandpa and Grannymom brought everyone back home-they wanted to come and see the lot behind us that has now been completely cleared.  The kids tried to play outside but they were pretty cold so they quickly came inside.
  • After Grannymom and Grandpa left, Reagan was thrilled to join me upstairs to help going through her clothes.  Silly huh? Forty degrees outside and I am pulling out summer clothes.  Anyway, Campbell joined us too and she tried on clothes just as fast as Reagan was.  We have been through 2 of her bins and her drawer and now have one more bin, her closet and pajama drawer to go through plus putting clothes back in all of these spaces.  And then moving on to Campbell's clothes!  
  • We soon had leftovers and then read a book in the bonus room before watching a show of Price is Right.  Keaton even sat on the floor and watched the show while clapping-cutest little thing.