March 28, 2013

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BIG Party Day!

  • This was a busy day around here and started around 6.  Campbell woke up and started saying that the light was out.  I guess there nightlight had gone out sometime during the night so it was relatively dark in their room (well, I really don't even know if it is light outside at 6 or not.)  She started shouting "the power's out, the power's out" but thankfully, our monitor has a light that can turn on so Robby was fairly quick about turning that on.  Robby just went ahead and climbed on the treadmill.
  • Soon everyone was in my bed and I was up and showered by 7:30ish.  And while I got ready, the kids were also getting ready.  Reagan even said "I wish Keaton was up so I could start on my math."  Seriously, we were moving this morning.  Graham even had some of his breakfast at home before finishing it in the car.  
  • The rest of us started school and actually finished it all!  (except for science but that really doesn't count, does it?)  Reagan was the first to finish and Anderson was close behind her.  Actually, Campbell finished her school work first and wanted me to call Daddy to tell him.  She remembered Anderson sending Robby a video about finishing his reading book yesterday.  
  • Graham's class had their Easter party at 10:30 so we loaded up and headed to church.  I made it very clear to the other kids that this was Graham's party and not theirs so they weren't going to get to play the games or hunt eggs.  But I did take leftover cupcakes from last night for them to eat when the others had their snacks.  
  • We made it in time to help hide the Easter eggs and Reagan, Anderson and Campbell loved doing this.  Then it was back to Graham's class for their snack.  I was about to set my crew down and pass out their snacks when Ms. Stacy started offering cupcakes to all of the other siblings-there were about 4 other siblings there as well.  Graham was so delighted to have everyone there and he just kept waving at Keaton or Reagan.  Cutest little thing.
  • And I am so impressed with how well he listens to Ms. Stacy.  Just a reminder, he is the youngest in his class but listens just like we expect.  Next up was the Easter egg hunting.  As Graham was rushing around finding his eggs, you could hear Reagan and Anderson shouting "go Graham, go!"  
  • His class played one more game and then tried to take a group picture but it was pretty impossible to get that crew all looking in one direction.  Soon we were all loaded up and headed to Candice's house for the big Easter party!!  
  • Each child had to bring 10 filled Easter eggs and the big first graders (including Reagan) hid most of them in the back yard.  Anderson did get to hide the second batch of eggs that arrived.  We then all had lunch-just imagine a house filled with kids (22 to be exact) sitting in every possible spot.  I hang out with a fertile group of friends.  
  • Anderson was happily wearing his bunny ears when they did get broken.  He was pretty upset but lucky for him, Robby was out and about and managed to bring home new bunny ears for the boy.  Of course, when Robby presented them to him, Anderson was busy watching a movie and just grunted a thank you.  Robby did get a much better thanks when passing out ears to Graham who was later lamenting that he was the only one without ears.
  • Back to the Easter party, before we let the kids hunt eggs Sara was nominated to do the resurrection eggs for the crew.  I think all of the kids listened fairly well even though many had their buckets on their head during Sara's quick talk to them.  Then it was time to hunt eggs!  
  • The big kids (4 and older) watched the little kids hunt first.  So I had Campbell and Keaton hunting and those girls ran off like they knew just what to do.  And as soon as I counted 10 eggs in Campbell's bucket she was fine with sitting opening her eggs while the big ones hunted.  Keaton also walked right by Campbell and sat down.  Sometimes my kids are so good...and other times...
  • Next up was the big kid egg hunt.  It didn't take long for Reagan and Anderson to find their 10 eggs but Graham was left with only 9.  So Reagan and Anderson made it their mission to find G his other egg.  Sometimes the kids really take care of each other.  
  • After the egg hunt, there were rice krispy treats and cookies for the kids and then lots of play time.  The kids were filthy, hot and tired by the time we climbed back in the van.  A good time was had by all.  When we made it home, Keaton finished her nap that she stared in the car and within about 5 minutes Campbell was asleep by me on the couch.  Everyone else watched a movie and then headed outside.
  • The neighbor kids were out and asked if the kids could come out.  Though I am not real crazy about the kids playing with the older neighbor kids, Anderson really likes to play with them.  Graham likes to be outside near them and Reagan will eventually play but isn't too fond of them (in her defense, they are all boys.)  
  • Those neighbor kids don't think anything about riding the kids scooters, running in and out of the girl even asked if Graham could get his pants wet.  They were playing with water guns and she told me that Graham had told her he couldn't get his pants wet or he would get into trouble.  I told her that he was correct (though I really didn't care too much.)  It didn't take too long though for the neighbor kids to get bored at our house and move on but my crew stayed out playing until after 5:30.  Robby and I should have been outside working in the yard since it is looking a bit rough-maybe next weekend!
  • Soon it was shower time followed by supper time and my jello eggs worked perfectly this time so that was a big hit.  Then we watched another missionary movie-this one was much better-no mauling or burning at the stake.  And finally it was bedtime for the crew and trust me, they were exhausted tonight.