March 18, 2013

Spring Break Fun at Kennedy's
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids were awake a bit before 7 and Robby told them over the monitor to be quiet for a few more minutes.  Then he turned off the monitor and as soon as he had done this and laid back down, the hugest clap of thunder I have heard sounded.  He quickly turned the monitor back on but the kids were fine-no one was too terrorized.  The boys were making their own boom sounds and it probably helped that Campbell was already laying in bed with Reagan.  That sounds sweet-the girls in bed together-but really, I think Campbell is just jockeying to get Reagan's bottom bunk.  They have fussed about it every night lately.
  • Soon Robby was gone and I helped everyone get ready, showered and quickly dished out breakfast. We made it out the door in plenty of time this morning to drop every off at Grannymom's house and meet Jodee for Reagan's spring break sleepover extravaganza.  I was pretty sure that we had packed everything but when we climbed out of the van at Grannymom's house, Reagan asked if I had brought her jacket.  Of course, I had forgotten.  She was devastated-I told her that Grannymom might have one to borrow but she said she didn't want to do that.  And then I tried to reassure her that Ms. Jodee would have plenty to use as well if she needed one.  She even tried to convince me to go back home and get it.  I guess that she is just as attached her to her jacket as I am to mine.  
  • Jodee's doctor's appointment lasted longer than she thought, so they just picked up Reagan from Grannymom's house.  That was fine with Reagan because she had a bit more time to play-if I had known, I might just have sent over some school work for Reagan.  I did make Anderson do some of his work this afternoon-mean, mean mom.
  • After my dentist, I picked up the kids and we headed home.  I worked on some laundry, coupons and straightening up a bit before we had lunch.  Some how I have no recollection of what happened between lunch and Keaton's nap.  Oh, yes, that might have been because she was fussing at me and bit me. I quickly put her on the floor with a swat to her leg and this set off a major fit-probably should have taken some pictures of that.  She crawled under a chair, laid on her belly and just screamed.  The drama starts early!
  • When she was put down for her nap, I worked with Anderson and Graham on their pirate ships.  I know I have mentioned it before but those boats have 50,000 pieces.  We are getting really close to finishing them-just have the mast to put up (should be easy) and the sails (will be Daddy's job-or maybe I can work on it after everyone goes to bed one night).  Campbell helped some passing pieces to the boys and worked on her mosaic craft project.  
  • Then we all headed upstairs, I worked on Graham's summer clothes while the others worked at crashing down a lego tower with their cars.  By the time that lego tower was finally down, I was a nervous wreck from all of that banging and crashing and add to it, lots of yelling and cheering.  I need to get the kids quiet hobbies or maybe toys made out of foam.
  • Near 5, I had supper in the oven and Campbell and Keaton could only find one thing to do-follow me around.  So I just sat down in the mud room and we waited on Robby to come home.  We eventually gave up waiting since he was home later than usual.  Once he was home, we had our new favorite for supper-chicken spaghetti.  
  • Meanwhile, Reagan is across the river having a blast with Kennedy and her other friends.  They have painted nails, made shrinky dinks, had a tea party, played dress up and eaten out at a Japanese restaurant.  She even had Jodee put her hair up in a bun-Reagan knows that I can't make a bun and had asked me if I thought Ms. Jodee could.    
  • After supper, the kids had baths in the bonus room and then watched a Woody Woodpecker before heading to bed.  And then we enjoyed a peanut butter and chocolate dessert that I had pinned from pinterest.  And no, I am not planning on sabotaging Robby on his health and running kick (he has lost 20 pounds).  But I needed a pick me up tonight and that dessert definitely did the trick.