March 22, 2013

A Superhero Who Cooks!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • The kids did well this morning and were quieter than yesterday-we probably should turn their clocks back an hour tonight.  Soon we had breakfast and then started our morning.   Most everyone did get dressed this morning-shorts, t-shirts and sun dresses.  Seriously, I tried to explain to them that it was cold outside but I guess they were warm enough inside-though I did have on my jacket and socks all day.
  • School today went well-I did get a picture of Reagan completing one of her assignments which was reading to Keaton and Campbell.  But I didn't get a picture of Graham laying in my bed while holding his reading book patiently waiting for his turn to work on it.  And my Anderson said "school was easy today."  So that was nice to hear even though he didn't have anything different than usual.  He also only has 2 more days with his reading book and then he will be finished with that and I can give him a few more fun things.
  • Campbell had been asking since she woke up about when we were going to work on her clothes.  I tried to explain that we had to finish Reagan's first so she was ready to get started on Reagan's summer clothes.  We were able to work for a few minutes before lunch and Campbell was still trying on as many clothes as Reagan-and that little girl would tell me "put this in my pile" or "put this in Reagan's pile."  And yes, Reagan is wearing mostly 6s but can also wear 5s in shorts and some shirts. But our "little" 3 year old Campbell is wearing 5s in just about everything-still 4s in pants even though they are snug but that is the correct length.  Her Sunday dress selection will be limited since it is hard to find a 5t dress that isn't way too long for her.  
  • We had a "snack-y lunch" as the kids call it: apples, oranges, banana bread, crackers and pimento cheese, applesauce and leftover rolls.  Anderson and Campbell never usually eat applesauce but did try it and eat some so that was a win.  And my Reagan refuses to eat Graham's favorite of pimento cheese so I made her try some-she didn't like it but at least she didn't gag!  I even let Keaton eat her applesauce with a spoon by herself (I know she is one and a half but who has time for that mess-but she loved it and didn't pour it over her head so that was also a win)
  • After lunch, we did all head back upstairs for more clothes work.  Sometime during this time, Nonna called and asked if Anderson would want to spend the night.  After I told him, he ran to pack-and this is what he packed-toys and a blanket.  Campbell knew that was not all that he needed and she shouted at him to get his pajamas and when he didn't, she helped herself to his drawer and came to me with his pajamas and underwear.  Sweet, little thing.
  • Soon Pops came by to pick up Anderson and he was so ready to leave he could hardly stand it.  I sent everyone else to watch a movie while I finished up the clothes.  And thankfully, Campbell ended up back upstairs with me when it was time to put our 6 bins of clothes back in the attic.  She is a strong little thing!
  • After their movies, Reagan pulled out her art stuff while Graham started putting stickers on his pirate ship.  Campbell helped me make biscuits for supper and Keaton spent her 4-5 time like usual-screaming at me!  Soon though Robby was home and all was well with Keaton-she starts missing her Daddy around 4 and isn't happy until he comes home.
  • We had lasagna and then the kids picked up the toy room and we watched another round of Price is Right before bed.