March 24, 2013

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Ice Cream Truck has been Restocked!

  • We even had time for the kids to watch a movie this morning while they munched on their doughnuts.  This is always nice because that meant that we had a few more minutes to get ourselves ready and straighten up from the craziness of the morning.  
  • During big church, we did sit in the balcony again to the kids delight.  It took me at least through the songs to catch my breath from walking up the steps to get up there.  We have 2 sets of steps at home but nothing can take my breath away like the steps in the church foyer-maybe I should walk them a few hundred times this next week to put me into labor.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house-I had been craving deviled eggs and she had them.  And Robby had mentioned meatloaf and she also had that.  So we were both pleased and full as we hurried home for a few minutes before choir.   
  • Robby and I have really perfected our Sunday afternoon ritual-he emptied the car and bags and put Keaton to bed.  I found clothes for the kids to put on and put up church clothes (which somehow took forever today-too many opinions were floating around).  By the time we made it back downstairs, Robby had poured milk and snacks for during their movies.  After starting their movie, we ran upstairs to snooze before jumping up a bit later to head back to church.  I herded the kids through getting socks, picking up their cups and plates, pottying, shoes and car.  We snatched Keaton up from her slumber and had to wake Campbell up who had been asleep for about about 7 minutes.  We take crackers for the big kids after choir and the little girls have cookies in the library before going to their class.  And then on the way home, we pass out sandwiches.  Now that we have gotten so good at this little routine-there is only about 5 more weeks of choir!    
  • So tonight during church, Anderson told me that he wanted to be baptized.  He isn't quite ready for that yet so I nodded and said it will be great when he is.  Then he added "I want to be baptized so I can have the grape juice and crackers during big church."
  • Back at home tonight, it was ice cream truck night.  I am pretty surprised that my boys were able to eat ice cream today because they were pretty wild on the way to choir and Robby had to clearly tell them that there would be no ice cream and a meeting with his belt if things didn't go well in choir.  We had finally run out of the popsicles, ice cream and other frozen treats that we had been choosing from on Sunday nights-and that is even after eating them since the ice storm and resulting power loss caused them to be a bit melted.  So the kids were delighted with 5 new boxes of frozen choices.  
  • And then it was bedtime.  While making the kids lunches, I knocked down our March madness brackets and they went under the fridge.  That meant after bedtime, we had to unwedge the fridge and find those brackets-and a few other treasures as well.  Also our doorbell dinger had some how fallen behind the fridge so Robby changed the batteries on that since the doorbell has been out for a while.  Good thing I knocked those papers down or we never would have found the part of the doorbell that needs batteries!  All that work was meant to be!
  • Also, did you notice the picture of Anderson's lunch box?  Yep, his lunch for tomorrow is packed in Easter eggs.  I didn't come up with it but I am cool like that.  Ha!  Would love to hear what they say when they unzip their boxes at lunch.