March 6, 2013

Our own GI Joe!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • I don't really remember much of the night-between Robby and I we were up going to the bathroom at least 10 times in the middle of the night.  That is actually what happens when someone who takes a diuretic before bed and someone who is pregnant drink a 2 liter before bed.  
  • At one point though, Robby did shoot his arm straight up in the air and say "what is that?"  I pushed his arm down and then woke him up with my elbow and my hysterical laughter.  He didn't remember what he was dreaming about but it did keep me entertained for quite some while.
  • Campbell was the first one awake this morning a bit before 7 but everyone else snoozed until 7:45.  Robby had left by the time that Reagan, Anderson and Keaton had woken up.  After my shower, we had breakfast and then some how the boys ended up in their army and power ranger costumes and everyone was sitting on the table happily playing something or another.  I let them play as long as I could and then it was school time.
  • School went well and then things went downhill quickly-very, very quickly.  Reagan and Graham started fighting and when I gave them the choice of what to do instead of playing (empty 4 trash cans or pick up all of the toys on the steps) they both responded with a "no."  It wasn't a defiant no but was a shocked no but it was a no nonetheless and not the yes ma'am that I expect to hear (and I unfortunately do rarely hear it).  
  • This led to them losing their movies this afternoon.  It wasn't a big loss since they only had less than an hour and then Graham's fussing over the movies resulted in everyone having to lay down and be still. And this led to pure bliss for me-seriously, Keaton, Campbell and Graham fell asleep in a heartbeat.  Campbell and Graham both probably need an occasional nap and truly, we all need one on Wednesdays.  Reagan and Anderson were quietly in their spots and the house was so quiet.  So quiet that I could have fallen sound asleep if I would have set down.  
  • But after about 45 minutes of quietness it was time to wake everyone up.  I really, really hated to do this because I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep as well.  But since my grandparents enjoy seeing us, we headed there.  The kids were pretty good until it was time to leave.  
  • My grandmother had passed out dollars to everyone and Graham had handed me his money to hold.  Then my grandpa gave Keaton another dollar and started to hand one to Graham.  My grandpa was a bit confused and didn't have enough cash for all the kids so I made Graham hand his money back and this set that child off.  I showed him his money in my pocket but he continued to whine until I explained ever so thoroughly what I was going to do to him once he made it back to the van!
  • Next up was meeting Robby for supper and then church time.  Reagan has now finished saying her Awana verses not just once or twice but three times.  Anderson's group went shopping and he bought two more mini skateboards.  Campbell's class went to see the workers take care of the babies-that was a big deal.  Keaton, as always, walks right in her class without fussing or complaining.  And during puppets, Graham's group was asked how they could ride to the zoo.  Graham quickly responded "in a bus."  I had to explain that we in fact do ride in a bus-you would agree if you have ever driven a 15 passenger van around town!
  • Once we made it home, the kids all had some milk and then it was bedtime for everyone.  Thankfully, it doesn't seem like Graham and Campbell's naps have affected them going to sleep tonight.