March 23, 2013

Who is influencing who?
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  • This was a fairly normal Saturday morning-except for Anderson not being here.  He had spent the night at Nonna's and Pops' house.  Probably by the time that most of us here had woken up, Anderson had already made a run to Krispy Kreme.  
  • I let the kids watch a movie this morning before breakfast.  Then they played upstairs in the toy room some.  But without Anderson here, the others never really would play for long.  Anderson is the one who could play by himself for hours-Graham does not like to be left in a room alone, Reagan also prefers not to be alone and her and Graham aren't getting along to well these days and Campbell can't go anywhere without me lately.  So that meant the kids were downstairs most of the morning.  
  • Keaton slept pretty late and when I finally went to just wake her up, she was sitting in her bed holding 2 of the 4 baby dolls that sleep in her bed.  Then I changed her diaper and she had breakfast.  After she ate, we went to the bonus room to find everyone else.
  • Robby was running and Reagan, Campbell and Graham were sitting in the couch watching the Biggest Loser with him.  Keaton had never been upstairs when Robby was running so she couldn't stop staring at him.  She would stare, smile and wave but only wanted to sit in my lap.  
  • After lunch, we loaded up to run a few errands.  First stop was Dollar General for Robby.  Then I ran into Kroger to pick up a few things (saving 71%-though I was just buying a few things on sale with coupons and no real food) while Robby and the kids bought gas.  Then we went to Walmart to spend all of my Kroger savings plus more.  Next up was a happy hour drink from Taco Bell and then we picked up Anderson.
  • He had a really good time and loved going to Chuck E Cheese.  When I went inside to get him, he was sitting playing with lots and lots of legos-that boy was in heaven!  And once at home with Anderson there, everyone ended up in the toy room while Robby and I unloaded our groceries and he got supper ready.  
  • Sometime while waiting on the chili to be ready, Campbell was following me around and said "my bottom is little and your bottom is big."  Sweet, little child-just so hard not to beat her!  
  • During supper, Robby had everyone go around the table and tell something that they are thankful for.  Anderson was thankful for spending the night with Nonna and Pops, Reagan was thankful for Jesus dying on the cross, Campbell was also thankful that Anderson spent the night at Nonna's house.  And my Graham said that he was thankful for his dog-hope he won't be too disappointed when she disappears very, very soon.
  • It was nearly 7 by the time we had finished supper, cleaning the kitchen and picking up the toy room.  So we quickly showered the kids so we could watch a movie in the bonus room.  We didn't have time for the Price is Right so Robby picked out a short film-and it happened to be a Chinese movie that didn't have any words to it.  Robby and I were snoozing by the time it was over!